Digital Print for Packaging US | Day 1

In order to attend the pre-conference workshop on the morning of day one, you must attend the full Digital Print For Packaging US conference. Workshop spaces are limited, so book your spot early.  

Conference Day 1 | June 4, 2019

2019 Pre-Conference Workshop

  1. How Digital Print is changing the Established Packaging Sectors

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers

    Covering the markets, drivers and trends with technology developments that are coming together to shape the future opportunities for digital printing technology, this workshop presents an independent perspective, looking at the pluses and minuses of inkjet and electrophotographic printing.  This workshop will involve:

    • An overview of the Digital Packaging landscape – the key players
    • Market overview showing digital penetration into packaging markets – growth prospects for labels, corrugated, cartons, flexible packaging, rigid plastics and metal
    • Market drivers from consumers that are impacting brands, converters and retailers; how digital can help players and potentially disrupt markets
    • Technology drivers in inkjet and electrophotography, with hybrid systems, the latest innovations and views on what is coming down the line
    • Cost comparison showing how digital is increasingly economic against analogue printing technology
    • Importance of time to market
    • Supply chain changes – how digital technology is helping brands and retailers grow and disrupt

    This jam-packed workshop will intersperse real examples and innovative campaigns designed to showcase what can be done with the technology.

Registration and Opening Welcome Remarks

  1. Registration Opens & Lunch

  2. Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Conference Producer | Smithers

Session I: Branding for the Future: The Digital Age of Print

In the opening session of Digital Print for Packaging, leading brand owners will discuss the changing landscape of packaging, and how digital printing is providing new opportunities to leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Moderator: Sean Smyth, Consultant, Smithers Pira

  1. Keynote – The Future of Digital Accelerating Concept to Market

    Mark Etwaru | Digital & Transformation Expert of Independent Management Consultant

    Mark will discuss the market drivers for digital print for brand owners and CPGs, and highlight the advantages of speed to market.  

  2. Keynote – Laying the Groundwork for Broad Adoption

    Luis Arevalo | Design & Packaging Director Latin-America business of Colgate-Palmolive, Mexico

    Digital Printing, the path to personalization, and the process to implement in a CPG company

  3. Keynote – Digital Print in the Main Stream

    Barry Sanel | Senior Graphics Service Manager of Diageo North America

    As one of the early adopters of digital in the mainstream, Barry will examine the benefits of moving to digital and how Diageo was able to leverage digital in their incredibly popular “Love Wins” campaign.

  4. Considerations for building a digital folding carton business and making a profit at it

    Dan Maurer | Vice President, Digital Print Business Unit of Heidelberg USA.

    Coming soon! 

  5. Afternoon Networking Break

Session II: Opportunities in E-Commerce

This session will explore market drivers for digital print in e-commerce packaging. Speakers will discuss workflow optimization, consumer engagement, and supply chain efficiency. 

Moderator: David France, Packaging Research Fellow, Conagra

  1. E-Commerce Drives Opportunity for Digital Print

    Marcene Nichols | Brand Marketing Strategist of Georgia-Pacific’s Hummingbird Digital Print Solutions

    With the introduction of digital print technologies into the packaging supply chain, a transformation is taking place. We’ll demystify digital printing, explain how it is being used to solve the most complex dilemmas we face inside the corrugated packaging eco-system and what this means for ecommerce.

  2. Packaging Supply Chain for in E-Commerce: Delighting your Consumer While Maintaining Efficiency in Supply Chain

    Liz Logue | Senior Director Corporate Business Development of EFI, US

    • Traditional process of procurement in packaging
    • Digital printing technology game changing effect
    • Delighting your consumers with a incredible unboxing experience
    • Leverage the power of customization and versioning
    • Technology and infrastructure availability
    • Enabling centralize designs & control but distributed cost effective fulfillment
  3. Afternoon Networking Break

Session III: Emerging Applications and Value Drivers for Digital Print

This session will highlight the latest innovations and emerging players in the digital print for packaging market.

Moderator: Tom Cooper, R&D Manager Digital Printing, WestRock

  1. Considerations for building a digital folding carton business and making a profit at it

    Dan Maurer | Vice President, Digital Print Business Unit of Heidelberg USA.

    Coming soon!

  2. Direct2Glass Digital Printing

    Melianthe Leeman | Global Innovation Platform Director of O-I Europe Sàrl

    This presentation will provide an overview of the application of direct2shape digital printing for the glass packaging industry - Its transformative potential - How it helps addressing brand owners needs for highly differentiated packaging and personalization at low volumes. - How Owens-Illinois (O-I), the world's leading glass packaging supplier, is integrating it as part of its offering - Case study of direct2glass digital printing

  3. Packaging: the Final Frontier of Omni-Channel

    Savvas Tsoukalas, President, Savco Worldwide, Inc. and David Murphy, Worldwide Marketing Director Pagewide Marketing, Industrial division, HP


    • Savvas Tsoukalas, President, Savco Worldwide, Inc.
    • David Murphy, Worldwide Marketing Director Pagewide Marketing, Industrial division, HP

    Savco Import wants to bring “home” to people. In doing so, Savvas was presented with challenges in packaging efficiency. In this presentation, Savvas will discuss his journey in leveraging digital print to meet the demands of an omni-channel distribution chain.

  4. 3D printing is about to reach the next level in the packaging industry— which is in 'true color'

    Richard Motto | President and CEO of CAD BLU

    Packaging is at the forefront of industries that can benefit from color 3D printing and what we call the notion of “true color”. In recent years, there has been a special interest and research in color 3D printing and how it could potentially change the packaging industry. From custom and personalized packaging, to first-to-market opportunities and validation of larger production demand, color 3D printing is starting to gain solid traction. In addition, color mapping is evolving, and packaging designers and engineers using 3D printers are presented with new technologies and more possibilities for designing and styling. 

    CAD BLU together with the Sonoco Institute of Packaging will discuss how color 3D printing is about to reach the next level in the packaging industry.

  5. Closing Remarks For The Day

  6. Offsite Networking Reception