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The Changing Landscape for Digital Printing in Labels Packaging in a drupa Year
Workshop Topics
Introduction – Packaging and Labels
  • Where digital fits into the packaging world
  • Choices for printing labels, cartons, corrugate, flexibles, rigid plastics, glass, and metal
  • Litho, flexo, gravure, relief, and special decorating methods

Changing Functions of Packaging and Markets
  • The changing role of packaging, new functions enabled by digital print

Digital Print Technologies Used in Packaging and Labels
Developments from drupa
  • Electrophotography SWOT
  • Inkjet SWOT
  • Developments from drupa – integrated manufacturing
  • The importance of workflow and digital finishing
  • Emerging routes to market
  • Comparing analogue and digital printing
  • Sustainability
  • Changing retail landscape
  • The opportunities in e-commerce packaging
  • Changing customer requirements, how big brands are being disrupted by smaller brands
  • Changing supply chains enabled by digital print – the democratization of label and packaging production
Run Length Developments

Economics of Digital Print Mainstream Production
  • Capacity of equipment, time to market – complementary or competitive to analogue print
New Technologies and drupa Developments
Digital Labels and Packaging Round Up
  • Digital printing technology map, and digital finishing
  • Workflow
  • Materials
  • Finishing
Beyond Printing

Digital Finishing
  • Integrated Label and Packaging Manufacture

Sean Smyth | Print Expert, Smithers