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The Changing Landscape for Digital Printing in Packaging - Improvements for Brands, Converters and Consumers
Workshop Agenda Part I
Part I - Packaging market developments in 2022
  • Where digital fits into the packaging world
  • The changing role of packaging, new functions enabled by digital print
  • Choices for printing labels, cartons, corrugate, flexibles, rigid plastics, glass and metal
  • Litho, flexo, gravure and special decorating
  • Electrophotography SWOT
  • Inkjet SWOT
  • The importance of workflow and digital finishing
  • Emerging routes to market
  • Comparing analogue and digital printing
Part II - The economics of digital print
  • Cost model comparison
  • Capacity of equipment, time to market - complementary or competitive to analogue print

Sean Smyth | Print Expert, Smithers
Networking Break
Workshop Agenda Part 2
Part III - New technologies in 2022
  • Digital printing technology map, and digital finishing
  • Workflow
  • Materials
  • Finishing
Part IV - The future packaging world
  • Sustainability
  • Changing retail landscape
  • Changing customer requirements, how big brands are being disrupted by smaller brands
  • Changing supply chains enabled by digital print – the democratisation of label & packaging production

Sean Smyth | Print Expert, Smithers
Workshop End
Registration and Opening Remarks
Registration Opens & Continental Breakfast
Welcome & Opening remarks
Session I: Digital Print: Today & The Future
< Session Description >
In the opening session of DPP, speakers will discuss the current state of the industry and a look into new opportunities and where the future is heading – a great conversation and look at what the next two days will bring.

Moderator: Tom Molamphy, Sales & Technology Manager North America – Inkjet, Siegwerk
State of the Industry
Panel: Opportunities for the Future of the Digital Print Industry
  • David Zwang – Principal, Zwang & Company
  • Robert Seay, VP – Digital Print Solutions, Georgia-Pacific
  • Shane Tansey, Business Development Manager, Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions
  • Dustin Steerman – Founder, cmyk
  • Joseph Yourey – Global R&D Leader, Digital Inks, DuPont
The digital printing sector continues to develop and innovate so that it can move into new ventures and opportunities in line with technological and societal changes. This panel looks to explore the views and thoughts of participants for opportunities (and threats) for the sector.
Networking Break
Session II: Adopting Digital Print for the Future of Your Business
< Session Description >
In this session, let’s discuss the importance of going digital and how it can be beneficial for your business. Discussions will dive further into how industries – ex: corrugated, flex, labels – each deal with going digital, their process and experiences, and more.

Moderator: Tom Molamphy, Sales & Technology Manager North America – Inkjet, Siegwerk
Creating New Markets with Digital Printing
Learn from one of the founders of ePac Flexible Packaging about how the company decided to go all-digital from day 1, and now serves over 8,000 brands across the globe since its start-up in 2016.
Carl Joachim | CMO, ePac Flexible Packaging
Panel: Similarities and Differences when Switching and Using Digital
Moderator: Moderator: Liz Logue - VP of Corporate Business Development/ IJ Strategy, EFI

  • Paul Lender, Business Development Manager - Digital Materials, Avery Dennison
  • Stephan Ango – Co-Founder, Lumi
  • Neil Cook, Segment Marketing Manager – Packaging and Commercial Print, FUJIFILM Inks Solutions Group
  • Barry Wendell – Area Sales Manager, BOBST
  • More to come!
Experiences that went right, what went wrong, and ramifications for standing on the sidelines and either not adopting or only partially adopting. This panel will dive into a talk with people from all sides of the printing world, to talk about their shared experiences when using digital, and what others can learn from them.
WWW.DIGITAL is a Journey of Bay Cities’ Path Down its Digital Conquest
Why digital in the first place? This segment tells the story of why Bay Cities chose digital printing to begin with and why brands and other manufacturers might want to consider the idea of selecting digital printing to print their many different substrates. There is a vast amount of printing techniques yet with the advent of digital printing this segment will be the most pivotable in the coming years. From the small quantity screen printing process, through multi pass solutions all the way to single pass technology there is a digital solution for everyone.
What digital p
rinter to select and for what reason? This is a explanation as to what machine every buyer should look for when purchasing digital print. There are a great many machines available out there and the industry is changing as we speak. However, choosing the right machine for the right reason is a must when it comes to digital printing. In this section the audience will lean why the various machines were selected at Bay Cities and what they are employed to do.
Who are the right people and programs needed to be successful? Our industry is infamous for buying that next “shiny thing” In the world of digital printing the biggest factor to consider if you are a brand buying from a digital provider or a company looking to buy a digital press the people and processes before the press is where the dollars are made. Once again, the failures of digital printing stem from not having the right people and process before the machine. In all due respect, the digital machines created today are just a stupid computer. The honey is made by the files being created before the machine is even turned on.
Greg Tucker | Chairman/CEO, Bay Cities
Session III: Improving Quality and Speed to Market
< Session Description >
Moderator: Liz Logue - VP of Corporate Business Development/ IJ Strategy, EFI
Why a Digital Corrugated Supply Chain?
Key supply chain goals for brands are to simplify complexity, minimize waste and improve speed to market. However, these goals can conflict with marketing objectives to launch new products and gain share for existing products, and in many cases required compromises. However, new digital printing technologies in corrugated are providing options to deliver on all these objectives without compromise.
Inkjet printed corrugated now represents one of the most exciting growth opportunities in the North American packaging industry.
In this presentation Ted Samotis will demonstrate how digital print is transforming the corrugated supply chain to reduce cost, improve speed to market and provide better printed boxes.
Ted Samotis | Director, Go-To-Market, HP PageWide Industrial, HP
Networking Lunch
Please view the afternoon tracks in the next tab.
Session IV: Building a More Resilient Supply Chain and Workflow
< Session Description >
This session will address the current landscape, how to speed up the supply chain process, the importance of focusing on workflow, and how the digital print industry can help.

Moderator: Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems, Ltd.
Workflow is More Important than Ever!
Market demands are changing. The global pandemic has undoubtedly had an impact due to disruptions in the supply chain and more importantly consumers and FMCG purchasing habits. These purchasing behavioral changes will continue to become more well defined with continuing affects in the longer term.
Whether you are a converter looking at growing margins or a FMCG company expanding your product and services portfolio with digital printing, it is important to develop a long-term workflow strategy in order to capture your share of the developing and changing markets. What constitutes a good workflow solution?  
In this session we will look at a more holistic approach to workflow which could help you prepare for today and tomorrow.
David Zwang | Principal, Zwang & Company
Digital Production in the Workplace
Over the last five years, the need to produce jobs with minimal staff has plagued printers at a moment's notice. Incorporating technology in new production printers that can instantaneously produce with minimal staff intervention is now highly demanded. Digital printing equipment can enable printers to receive and produce a job with reduced costs and help digitalize the workflow while reducing staffing needs. Understanding the process and available technology is critical to improving your workflow and efficiency.
Barry Wendell | Area Sales Manager, BOBST
Understanding ways to improve your digital print supply chain and workflow
Additional Presenter: Mark Popp, Vice President of Technology and R&D, The Imagine Group

Single-pass digital printing can empower your go-to-market strategies in ways that are not possible with analog technologies alone. What would you do differently if the accepted packaging supply chain processes and constraints were changed or removed altogether? In this session, we’ll discuss how utilizing single-pass digital printing to complement analog print creates opportunities to reinvent the packaging value chain. You’ll also hear from Mark Popp, an industry leader, about how he uses single pass and related print technologies to skip incremental improvements to create totally new value for Imagine’s customers.
Bob Miller | Sales Director for Packaging at EFI, EFI
Networking Break
Session V: Designing for Digital
< Session Description >
This session will talk about the designer - focusing on how it has changed over the years and important updates in design elements.

Moderator: Trevor Schroeder, Product and Business Development Manager, Corrugated Segment, HP PageWide Presses
The Changing Role of the Designer in Inkjet Label and Packaging Production (VIRTUAL)
Packaging serves multiple functions: a physical touchpoint in the purchase decision path, a branded marketing platform, an on-ramp for production information and support. The production workflow is very complex, requiring a large number of iterations before the job is printed, and intense collaboration among stakeholders throughout. Inkjet printing is helping to shift the business and technology landscapes toward Just-in-Time manufacturing. The stakes couldn’t be higher. At the center of all this activity and change is the designer. This session will explore the challenges and opportunities they face, and the implications for Print Service Providers moving into digital package printing.
Mark Lewiecki | Senior Product Manager, Adobe
Carton Design Considerations for Digital Print and Cut
A presentation of different carton design techniques that vary from traditional analog die-cut manufacturing (Flat/Rotary) to digital cutting (Eletron, Kongsberg, Zund etc). See how a carton can be designed in different ways which affects cut time performance. Design changes can make cartons and waste "strip" easier for offloading from digital cutters. See how proper PDF layer setup and common line type errors to avoid that can affect performance.  Presentation will include real world examples and case studies.
Erin Hollandsworth | Founder, Motionalysis, Inc.
Welcome Reception
Session IV: The Workplace: Retention & Importance of Passionate Work Culture
< Session Description >
This session will dive into the importance of the team behind the business, discussing bringing new employees into the industry, retaining them, and helping with the future success of your business.
Moderator: Gianluigi Rankin – Manager, Global Marketing, Michelman
Panel: Is Your House in Order?
  • Deborah Corn, Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse, Print Media Centr
Panelists (VIRTUAL):
  • Ryan LeFebvre – Executive Vice President of Sales, Specialty Print Communications
  • Keeana Barber – CEO, WDB Marketing
  • More panelists to come!
This will be a lively conversation about the importance of having an ever-evolving culture, and include tips for having your office in order, and bringing new employees into the fold while continuing to grow and expand your business success.
A Great Place to Work
Every year, there are rankings released by NBRI, Fortune magazine, and others of the 100 Greatest Places to Work.  These are organizations who have applied for the recognition and the prestige that comes with being considered a great place to work.  There are lists of American businesses and other lists up to and including a Global 100.
Wayne Lynn has, through experience, developed a deep appreciation of what a great place to work would look like.  There are three components to this kind of organization:
  1. An employee base who are fully engaged in their work. 
  2. An approach to managing human capital that makes job-related behavioral competency the centerpiece to hiring, promoting, and development decisions. 
  3. The third component is that the leaders of the organization are also “fit for purpose”.
In his discussion Wayne will lay out the process that must be in place for this workplace to become reality.
Wayne Lynn | CEO, Lynn Consulting
Networking Break
Session V: The Story of Inks and New Materials
< Session Description >
This session will dive into the story of inks, new innovations, and the future of inks and packaging working together within the industry.
Moderator: Gianluigi Rankin – Manager, Global Marketing, Michelman
Ink jet inks for printing on packaging: meeting the challenge
DuPont has been developing inkjet pigment inks for over 30 years, beginning in the home & office, moving to textile, commercial, and now inkjet printing for packaging applications. Aqueous pigment inks are positioned to enable high quality, reliable and sustainable printing in the packaging market. However, there are a number of challenges to access this growth and provide sustainable products to enable our customers. In this presentation, I will discuss DuPont’s development strategies to creating high performance inks to meet the printhead, printer, and converting requirements in packaging applications. I will also discuss several areas our technology organization is emphasizing to deliver sustainable offerings to the market.
Joseph Yourey | Global R&D Leader, Digital Inks, DuPont
Successful Digital Packaging is Often Enabled via Chemistry
Inkjet as a process has reached a point where it is capable and versatile and can meet the speed, width, and image quality requirements of most applications, including packaging. However, packaging is complex and varied in the analogue world and the success of digital applications often requires a deep understanding of this complexity. Ink and coatings from a world leader such as Sun Chemical can reduce the time to market for inkjet system developers and meet the end-use packaging requirements by combining product and application expertise.
John Kaiser | Key Account Manager, Sun Chemical
Welcome Reception
Registration and Opening Remarks
Registration Opens & Continental Breakfast
Welcome & Opening remarks
Session VI: Sustainability, Circularity & E-Commerce
< Session Description >
To start Day 2, we will discuss the benefits that digital print can bring to sustainability, circularity, and the continued rise in e-commerce. There will be a special focus on the brand perspective with a fully brand panel.

Moderator: Sean Smyth, Consultant, Smithers
Packaging that Prompts Positive Impact & Growing Market Demand
The impact of pandemic has undeniably transformed consumer behavior in an unprecedented manner, from driving a spike in ecommerce across the board to a rise in demand for sustainable goods. A recent study found that almost 60% of consumers want to alter their purchasing habits to be more sustainable. This shift in attitude relates not only to products themselves, but also to packaging, branding and the supply chain journey, and Print Service Providers (PSPs) have had to react accordingly.
Consumers physically interact with product packaging, which provides a huge opportunity for brands and PSPs that can leverage newer technologies to drive change through personalization and consumer engagement, creating a positive impact for customers as well as the planet. 
Attendees will hear about trends and cases where Brands are leveraging digital print capabilities to meet these growing consumer expectations and improve their overall engagement & ROI.
Doris Brown-McNally | WW Brands Innovation & Strategic Partner Manager, HP Inc.
Inkjet & Circular Economy – A promising alliance for the future of packaging?
  • Today’s challenge in packaging and the circular economy (CE) approach
  • How can digital printing support the transition from linear to circular
  • What can be the role of printing inks – putting chemistry in circular

Dr. Thomas Lehnen | Head of WB Inkjet Business, Siegwerk
Panel: Brand Perspective – Growth in E-Commerce and Sustainability
Moderator: Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems, Ltd.

  • Annica Eldh – R&D Packaging, H&M (VIRTUAL)
  • Megan Snowden – Sustainability Manager, Marley Spoon (VIRTUAL)
  • Tomlynn Biondo – Art Director of Packaging & Print, Seventh Generation (VIRTUAL)
  • Melody Miller – Global Graphic Shared Services, SC Johnson
The panel will highlight the continued rise of e-commerce and companies that are focusing on new and innovative ways to being more sustainable. A few areas that will be explored:
  • Going away from single use and looking at circularity, reduction in packaging, etc.
  • How digital printing can help brands in their objectives to become more sustainable
  • The thought process for brands when discussing packaging – is design at the forefront?
Networking Break
Digital Printing Revolutionize Sustainability
Additional Presenter: Marc Gosselin – COO, Whitebird

Today a large amount of waste is associated with analog printing, digital printing eliminates overprinting, reduces labor, carbon footprint and plate waste. 
Liz Logue | VP of Corporate Business Development/ IJ Strategy, Inkjet EFI
Session VII: The Ever-Evolving World of Packaging Design
< Session Description >
This session will start with a panel on keeping with up packaging design and continue diving into the importance of design, the materials behind the story, and ensuring you have the tools you need for the best performance.

Moderator: Trevor Schroeder, Product and Business Development Manager, Corrugated Segment, HP PageWide Presses
Panel: Keeping up with Packaging Design


  • David Hess, Sr. Client Engagement Manager at Adidas, HH Global


  • Salpy Talian – Senior Art Director, AllTrue
  • Victoria Watts – Founder/CEO, Victorialand Beauty
  • Michael Keplinger – Founder and Director of Packaging Performance, SmashBrand
This panel will discuss the ever-changing design opportunities and challenges when considering modern day packaging – from innovative designs, minimizing packaging, new artwork, listening to the consumer, and how digital printing can help with all of this.
Networking Lunch
The Stories of Adopting Digital Presses in the Corrugated Industry
Moderator: Eddie Sayers – Executive Sales Manager, HP
  • Robert Seay, VP – Digital Print Solutions, Georgia-Pacific
  • Greg Tucker – CEO, Bay Cities
  • Brett Kirkpatrick – Director of Trade Business, The BoxMaker
Hear from experienced leaders in the corrugated packaging industry why they decided to adopt digital solutions to produce corrugated displays and packaging. 
  • Do you want to know what their tipping point was to make this move and scale up with multiple devices?
  • Do you want to find out how has this investment changed their offering to customers and brands?
Driving Digital: Learn how to transform your website into your best sales rep.
With our rapidly changing culture of buying and selling online, technology can play a major role in keeping your customers close to the hip. Adding new web solutions can make your customers lives easier and create unique relationships with your internal teams. These features save valuable time to market for the new generation of buyers, providing the ability to create quote requests, graphic renderings and print ready files online. We will explore the options, costs, and timelines of adding sales functionality to your existing website
Kerry Drake | Manager Corrugated Software Products, eProductivity Software
Session VIII: The Importance of Brand Protection and Smart Packaging
< Session Description >
To end the conference, this session will dive into the importance of brand protection and smart packaging to move the industry forward.

Moderator: Michael Miller, Manager, Global Product Innovation – Digital Decoration, Ball Corporation
Winning the Fight Against Counterfeits: Helping Brands Across Industries Outsmart the Counterfeiter
Additional Presenter: Guillermo Lella, Secure Segment Category Manager Americas, HP Indigo

The explosion of online commerce, supply chain disruptions and accessible technologies have exposed consumers to greater potential for fake products that are more convincing than ever. According to the International Chamber of Commerce, the value of counterfeit and pirated goods will exceed $1.9 trillion globally in 2022. Brands are under attack in multiple ways, including counterfeit selling online, altered packaging and product labels, as well as infringement of intellectual property. Counterfeiting is no longer just about protecting brand reputation; it is also about protecting consumers’ health and safety. Good news, the technology now exists to help brands outsmart the counterfeiters. Our speakers will share how global brands are taking a multi-layered approach to brand protection. For instance, HP is using dual-factor authentication – a combination of serialized QR codes and digital watermarks – to help retailers and consumers, alike, authenticate ink cartridges. This same technology innovation is being applied across industries – food, beverages, pharma, household goods, and more.
Join us to learn:
  • How to transform your brand protection program through digital printing and product digitization •
  • How product manufacturers are protecting brand integrity and consumers alike, using the newest innovations in counterfeit and tamper detection
  • How to get started now

Curt Schacker | Global Head of Digital Printing and Packaging, Digimarc
Closing Remarks by Sean Smyth – Consultant, Smithers