Day One: May 12th

Day One | May 12

Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens

  1. Registration & Continental Breakfast

  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks

    David Soukenik, Associate Conference Producer, Smithers and Brittany Onslow, Senior Manager of Production, Smithers

  3. State of the Industry

    Sean Smyth, Consultant, Smithers

Session I: Branding for the Future: The Digital Age of Print

In the opening session of Digital Print for Packaging, leading brand owners will discuss the changing landscape of packaging, and how digital printing is providing new opportunities to leave a lasting impression on consumers.

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  2. Networking & Coffee Break

Session II: Technological Advances - AI in Digital Print for Packaging and Emerging Technologies

  1. How A.I. can be used to automate package design for digital print processes

    Marc Crouch | CEO & Founder of Firedrop

    A demonstration of how A.I. technology can be used to significantly speed up digital print lead times by automating various critical stages of the package design lifecycle from creative concept all the way through to print readiness.

  2. Hey Siri, plan this job! Or how I learned to stop worrying and trust Artificial Intelligence

    Tyler Thompson | Director of Technologies of Tilia Labs

    It’s unsustainable to rely on human decision-making for complex job planning. The skills needed to estimate and impose jobs by hand are being outpaced by the increased pressures of emerging technologies. The next generation of preproduction staff needs new tools to predict with speed and reliability how best to produce a job. These tools need to precisely model production environments, leverage IoT for accurate data collection, and rely on computers, not humans, to synthesize results. Tilia Labs develops true Artificial Intelligence software and Tyler Thompson, M.S. in Computer Science from University of Denver, and director of technologies at Tilia Labs, is a thought-leader in AI.

  3. Strategic Packaging Management - Propelling Profits, Enhancing Efficiencies

    Karen Goeller | Product Manager of Packlane

    Package design and strategy shouldn’t be an afterthought. After all, it’s key to delivering, protecting, and authenticating your products, not just reinforcing your brand identity. 

    Emerging technologies in packaging, such as NFC, ioT, and AR will enable greater efficiency in managing, moving, and delivering your product to the consumer; we’ll take a look at how they can help transform your workflow from product ideation through end-consumer fulfillment.

    We’ll explore how to integrate strategic package technology into your product workflow in new and exciting ways. Learn to maximize your effectiveness in designing, creating, warehousing, and filling your packaging, while reducing shipping costs and increasing customer engagement. 

    Audience takeaways

    • How to implement a product development workflow that incorporates packaging, fulfillment, and delivery to maximize sustainability and flexibility?
    • How to test packaging strategies without breaking the bank on product profitability
    • Approaches to scale up packaging along with product growth for increased margin, including industry-certified testing (ISTA/ASTM/APASS) and comparison of production methods 
    • How to build packaging technology into smart warehousing, enhanced delivery tracking, and product authentication/registration
  4. Networking Lunch

Track One

Session III: Workflow and Business Issues

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  2. Networking & Coffee Break

Session IV: Brands and Digital Print – How marketing and design are changing to improve packaging

This session will include brands talking about how their design workflow functions today, and what do brands think about their packaging? How are they rethinking their design to accommodate digital? How can companies change their business models to bring in digital printing?

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  2. Evening Welcome Reception

Track Two

Session III: Papers, Inks, Primers and Color Management

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  2. Networking & Coffee Break

Session IV: Case Studies - Direct2shape, flexible packaging, and labels

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  2. Evening Welcome Reception