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Pre-Conference Workshop

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Pre-conference workshop


  1. Registration and welcome refreshment

  2. Pre-conference workshop

    Requirements for digital print as an increasingly important part of the packaging eco-system - drivers, trends, technologies, costs and forecasts

    The workshop has been running for four or five years and covers the markets, drivers and trends with technology developments that are coming together to shape the future opportunities for digital printing technology. It presents an independent perspective, looking at the pluses and minuses of inkjet and electrophotographic printing.

    The workshop will cover:

    Overview of the Digital Packaging landscape – the key players market overview showing digital penetration into packaging markets – growth prospects for labels, corrugated, cartons, flexible packaging, rigid plastics and metal market drivers from consumers that are impacting brands, converters and retailers how digital can help players and potentially disrupt markets Technology drivers in inkjet and electrophotography, with hybrid systems, the latest innovations and views on what is coming down the line

    Includes cost comparison showing how digital is increasingly economic against analogue printing technology

    Importance of time to market supply chain changes – how digital technology is helping brands and retailers grow – likely disruption

    All interspersed with real examples and innovative campaigns designed to showcase what can be done with the technology

  3. Workshop ends