2018 Programme

Tuesday 4 December

Pre-Conference workshop

  1. Registration

  2. Workshop – How Digital Print is Changing the Established Packaging Sectors

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

    Workshop – How Digital Print is Changing the Established Packaging Sectors

    Intro to Packaging - The functions and how these are developing with the adoption of digital print, changing capabilities

    Packaging is more than printing              

    • Non-printed packaging is significant
    • Material science of substrates, key properties of packs to protect the contents

    Packaging Applications – food (and why food safety is such an issue), pharma, cosmetics, tobacco, household, general, electronics.  Specific requirements for different sectors.

    Packaging technologies – market overview

    Market data - penetration of digital into corrugated, cartons, flexible, direct-to-rigids, metal decorating as well as labels.

    In 2018 how packaging supply chains are under pressure. Changing retail structures and rise of new channels leading to new pain points and pressures.

    Changing drivers for packaging

    Engagement - promotion activities, will packaging become an advertising medium? How does packaging work in combination with social media

    Key digital print technology developments – toner and inkjet

    Key issues

    – how will digital print fit into the packaging infrastructure, what is needed to make a useful system.

    – will commercial print companies moving into packaging  

    Changing costs of production as technology develops in:

    • Narrow web – flexo vs toner (liquid and powder) vs inkjet vs hybrid production
    • Cartons – litho vs medium web flexo vs toner vs inkjet

    Session will be interactive with opportunities to raise questions / issues either ahead of time, or on the day.


    The cost of the workshop is €499 + VAT. The workshop will run from 13.30-17.30

  3. Networking coffee break

  4. Workshop

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

  5. Workshop ends

Wednesday 5 December

Wednesday 5 December

  1. Registration and morning refreshments

  2. Chair’s opening remarks

    Jan De Roeck | Director Solutions Management of Esko, Belgium

Digital print for packaging trends – Overview of the digital print for packaging sector

  1. Market trends and developments

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

Brands expectations - opportunities and challenges

  1. Keynote: This changes everything

    Tony Snyder | VP Product Portfolio Management and Deployment of Philip Morris International

    Philip Morris International has announced a bold new vision: the replacement of cigarettes with new products which heat tobacco rather than burning it. No smoke, no fire, and a significant reduction in exposure to the harmful compounds found in smoke.

    This Smoke-Free Future brings many operational challenges, but also the opportunity to redefine and re-invent the way we work. Building a multi category presence in B2B and B2C channels demands speed, agility and scale -  and Digital printing makes this possible.

    At PMI we are harnessing the revolution in printing technology to support the transformation of our business.

  2. Digital printing – a Mondelez perspective

    Patrick Poitevin | Principal Scientist of Mondelez International

  3. Networking break

  4. Customer Touchpoint #1 - Packaging - Intelligent packaging creates enthusiasm with digital storytelling

    Tobias Gunzenhauser I Co-Founder & CEO of yamo and Daniel Scheepstra, I Managing Director of THIMM Verpackung & THIMM Display, Germany

  5. The digital sweet spot, the pack is king

    Chris Tonge | Executive Director of Ultimate Group and Sharp Iris, UK

  6. Case study

    Ulrike Quirmbach | Senior Artwork Production Specialist of Unilever, The Netherlands

  7. Brand panel discussion

    Panellists include: Yves de Warrimont, Global Purchasing Manager Printed Packaging Upstream, Danone; Olivier De Lataulade, Finishing & Printing Expertise Director, L’Oréal; Tobias Gunzenhauser, Co-Founder & CEO, yamo; Tony Snyder, VP Product Portfolio Management and Deployment, Philip Morris International

  8. Networking lunch

Track A - Optimise the performance with design for digital print (14:15 - 15:20)

  1. Chair’s opening remarks

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

  2. The true emergence of digital print embellishment; the final arrival of digital print embellishment; digital embellishments - filling the void of digital print solutions

    Ed Wiegend | President of Jetfx, USA

  3. How digital helped FACE Stockholm deliver on their brand values

    Thomas Janson, Business Development Manager, Iggesund Paperboard, Sweden and Face Stockholm

    • How does FACE’s package design, store design and product quality reflect the brand’s values of “disarmingly easy-going, beauty, wit and grace?”
    • Packaging design to engage a sensory experience
    • Importance of a strong Eco-System and partnerships
    • How important is the choice of substrate?
  4. Digital enhancement of folding cartons, a customer case study

    Nigel Tracey, Head of Packaging, Scodix Ltd., Israel and Timo Dombrowe, Business Development Manager, Gundlach Verpackung GmbH – Part of the Gundlach Packaging Group, Germany

    • Tradition meets innovation
    • We rethink packaging for you
    • Customer success story
    • Your way to more success at pos

Track B - Controlling colour management and workflow (14:15 - 15:20)

  1. Chair’s opening remarks

    Jan De Roeck | Director Solutions Management of Esko, Belgium

  2. Brand colour management – meeting the customers expectations and requirements using Eco materials

    Vicky Barrett, Design and Merchandising Manager, Clarins Fragrance Group and Gerardo Cerros, CEO, CMA Imaging, UK

  3. Workflow for digital print - what have we learned from initial experience? Development of the PrimeFire 106

    Sabine Roob, Product Management Prinect Workflow and Bernhard Schaaf, Senior Project Manager, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Germany

  4. From digital color specification to digital press: How to get colour first-time-right

    Jan De Roeck, Director Solutions Management, Esko, Belgium and X-Rite Pantone

  5. Networking break

Track C - Direct to shape (16.35-18.15)

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  1. Chair’s opening remarks

    Peter Buttiens | CEO of ESMA vzw, Belgium

  2. Practical lessons learned from deploying digital decoration for mass production

    Ofer Nir, VP Marketing & Business Development, Velox and David Deluya, Business Unit Managing Director, Lageen Tuboplast Ltd., Israel

  3. The challenges of conversion from analog to digital

    Julian Joffe | CEO and Founder of Engineered Printing Solutions, USA

    • The process of justification
    • The relevance of industry in complexity of conversion.
    • Considerations for conversion
    • Examples of successful conversions.
  4. Direct2Glass digital printing

    Melianthe Leeman | Global Innovation Platform Director of O-I Europe Sàrl

    This presentation will give you an overview of the application of direct2shape digital printing for the glass packaging industry

    • Its transformative potential
    • How it helps addressing brand owners needs for highly differentiated packaging and personalization at low volumes.
    • How O-I is integrating it as part of its offering
  5. Chair’s closing remarks

Track D - Inkjet Innovations (16.35-18.15)

  1. Chair’s opening remarks

    Jon Harper-Smith | Business Development Manager of Fujifilm, UK

  2. Ensuring food safe packaging with compliant ink solutions

    Markus Klügge | Business Unit Inkjet of Siegwerk, Germany

    • Definition of food safe packaging
    • Rational of ink system selection: UV vs. Aqueous
    • Importance of low-migration in a highly regulated market
    • Primers as critical building block for main-stream adoption of digital
    • Novel ink design patterns


  3. Challenges in Inkjet printing for packaging

    David Reid | Global Sales Manager - Digital of Sun Chemical Ltd., UK

    David has worked across the print industry for over 30 years. His early career was as a pre-press lithographic specialist and then a test printer. In 2000, David moved into the Ink Industry as a UV Flexo Technical Sales Manager and progressed into commercial and business management roles across Lithographic, Flexographic and Screen printing inks as Sales Manager for Sun Chemical Ireland. In 2017, David gained and Executive MBA from Ulster University and moved into the SunJet Digital Inks business with Sun Chemical as Global Sales Manager, serving Sun’s OEM customers across the globe.

  4. Panel discussion: Evolution of ink

    Panellists include: Alvise Cavallari, Head of Corporate Digital Printing Initiative, Nestlé; Nils Miller, Senior Scientist, HP; Dr. Simon Daplyn, Marketing Manager, Sensient Imaging Technologies; Markus Klügge, Business Unit Inkjet, Siegwerk

  5. Chair’s closing remarks

    Jon Harper-Smith | Business Development Manager of Fujifilm, UK

  6. Networking drinks reception

Thursday 6 December

Thursday 6 December

  1. Registration and welcome refreshments

  2. Chair's opening remarks

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

How digital print is revolutionising corrugated packaging and folding cartons

  1. Packaging design 4.0 – How digital printing leads the transformation

    Wolfram Hahn, Director Commercial Development, Edelmann Group, Germany and Gilad Tzori, Vice President, Product Strategy, Landa Digital Printing, Israel

    • Digital Printing Technologies by Landa
    • Digital Printing Concepts by Edelmann
    • Case studies by Landa and Edelmann
  2. Digital print, the process to implement in a Global CGP company

    Luis Arevalo | Design & Packaging Director Latin-America business of Colgate-Palmolive, Mexico

  3. How to develop a truly unique digital printing machine together with an innovative partner in a world class plant

    Wolfram Verwuester | Global Business Director CPD Printing of Durst Group, Austria

    • Single-Pass-Technology designed for Corrugated Packaging & Displays
    • Environmental friendly real water based ink technology for food packaging
    • Field test proven reliability and performance in 3- shift production operation
    • FlexLine – fully automated non-stop digital production from stack to stack
    • Non-crush concept with no analogue priming or varnishing – 100% digital


  4. Networking refreshments break

  5. Digital pre-print on corrugated displays and packaging: A new era for brand activation and brand protection

    Anja Röhrle, Marketing & Communication Manager, DS Smith, Germany & Switzerland and Ronald Faulstich, Internal Key Account Manager, DS Smith Plant Fulda

    • Key shopper, retail and market trends that influenced our decision to move into digital pre-print to offer added value to our customers
    • Completely new possibilities for brand producers at the point of sale and in E-Commerce regarding brand activation and brand protection.
    • Our experiences - 7 month after implementing the new HP T1100S press
    • Machine-upgrade from four to six colours to HP T1190S 
  6. Digital post print on corrugated board - challenges and chances

    Michael Donnert | Senior Sales Manager of Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed AG & Co. KG, Germany

    • Markets for digital printed products
    • Expectations in Digital printing machine
    • Challenges to be met
    • CorruJET single pass digital post printer by Koenig & Bauer
    • Chances for early adaptors at the moment
  7. Potential benefits and requirements of printing on a corrugator

    Maximilian Mark, Digital Print Product Manager, BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH and Dr. Nick Campbell, Director of Technology, Screen GP IJC Ltd., UK

    The process of printing in the manufacturing chain of corrugated board

    Benefits of printing inline

    • Special requirements of printing inline
    • The upcoming solution by BHS & Screen
  8. Case study on short run success

    Donald Allred, VP Packaging Memjet, USA & William Demke, President, Boxmaking Machinery GmbH, Germany

  9. Networking lunch

  10. EFI Nozomi C18000. A reality in digital printing for corrugated packaging and display graphics industries

    Javier Quesada | Packaging Business Developer Director of EFI

Flexible Packaging is benefitting from the lessons learned in labels

  1. Digital label, past, present and future

    Mike Ring | Vice President, Digital Solutions of Gallus, Switzerland

    • A review of ow the market has developed over the last 5 years and the technology enablers that are solving fundamental IJ limitations
    • Marketplace divergences; as new low cost solutions are developing we will explore the  possible impact it will have to the market and brand owners 


  2. The changing need for cost effective short-run packaging

    Zsolt Tarjanyi | General Manager of Rigoli s.r.l., Italy

    • Shortening consumer product lifecycles
    • Following personalisation/customisation trends
    • MVZ: taking the Memjet Technology into flexible packaging
    • Meeting the market need - a case study
  3. Inkjet digital technology breakthroughs in flexible packaging

    Rick Mazur, WW Director - Market Development - Packaging/Labels - Enterprise Inkjet Division, Kodak and Marco Cacciatore, Project Manager & Product Manager for Digital Printing Division, UTECO Group

    UTECO and Kodak will provide insights from the new introduction of the UTECO Sapphire EVO, the first press entering the market in 2018 that can produce high speed digital inkjet printing at speeds of 200 mpm, with food safe, water based pigment inks, for flexible labels, pouches, consumer and pet food packaging.  We will explain the innovations made in equipment and print systems design that enable efficiently print and dry, in a full press and also in hybrid printing on current flexo and gravure conventional press assets.  Kodak would explain the technology challenges of printing at speed printing, the use of pre coating, print and drying and post print lamination and other package performance requirements and how this technology is enabling brands and converters are now able execute with this unique value proposition for speed and image quality. 

  4. Chair’s conference summary and closing remarks

    Jan De Roeck | Director Solutions Management of Esko, Belgium

  5. End of conference