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Koenig & Bauer's Michael Donnert on corrugated board challenges and chances

Q1. Your presentation will discuss “Digital post print on corrugated board - challenges and chances” Could you provide a bit more detail into what this will cover?

Customer expectations, technical questions concerning precoater, ink, varnish, drying, conformities. Specific questions about CPP and ROI calculations. Markets for digital printed boxes. Technical chances and challenges like resolution, quality, limits, production performances  etc.

Q2. Why is this an important topic to discuss and what effect can it have on the industry?

Since about 20 years the industry is discussing printing solutions for digital print on corrugated board. At the moment we are starting to have the machine technologies available, the industry has been waiting for. Technology will be there, now the business models have to be approved.

Q3. Where do you foresee the industry is headed in digital print for packaging?

Difficult question. Quite often answered by several “experts” and suppliers of equipment but nobody even came close to the developments we saw the last years. All of them went wrong. Therefore I only could provide you with very rough and very unsafe future perspectives.

Q4. What are you seeing as the biggest hurdle in the industry?

Lots of  huge uncertainties as there are no real standards everybody can rely on. Business models are struggling with prices for machine, consumables and consumptions. Just looking for a “cheaper solution” can´t be the focus. Request for “open systems” as everybody is afraid of and wants to avoid dependencies.

Q5. What are you most looking forward to at DPP EU 2018 conference?

Contact to possible customers, networking, sharing experiences, learning, learning, learning….

Q6. Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2018?

A perfect conglomeration of suppliers, customers and all other people who are looking for any solution how “digital” can be connected to “packaging” as there still are thousands of open questions.

Maximilian will be presenting alongside Dr. Nick Campbell as part of the 'How digital print is revolutionising corrugated packaging and folding cartons' session. Other speakers in the session include:

  • Wolfram Hahn, Edelmann Group
  • Gilad Torzi, Landa
  • Wolfram Verwuester, Durst Group and Schumacher Packaging
  • Anja Rohrle and Ronald Faulstich, DS Smith
  • Eric Bacourt, Rafael Hinojosa
  • Dr. Nick Campbell, Screen GP
  • Donald Allred, Memjet

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