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Webinar: perfect execution of packaging digital print

Join Smithers Pira and Esko on Thursday 29 March 2018 for a free online webinar on quality inspection technology in the ‘design to press’ workflow for digitally printed packaging. Join us and dream big about perfect execution of digitally printed packages and labels.

The webinar will feature a presentation from Jan De Roeck, marketing director at Esko, looking at best practices for quality checking in automated prepress workflows for digital print.

It is a reality today that the production workflow for packaging – printed conventionally or digitally, or using ‘mixed’ technologies – is getting more and more complex. Digitally printed packaging certainly holds the promise of increased product sales given the unique capability of personalisation and mass-customisation. Digital printing is the enabler for a product package that is relevant for a single, unique consumer with a print run size of 1.

Here is where realising the dream of perfect execution falls short in reality though: more packaging designs means more jobs in prepress and on press. Lead time pressure and regulatory compliance pressure remains unchanged, with no room for error. So, what about quality assurance? All your production jobs deserve a thorough prepress run-through and a thorough quality check before they end up on the press, regardless if the run is a long or a short one.

In this webinar, Esko discusses a workflow for perfect execution, together with its partners AVT and GlobalVision.

Let’s Dream Big - Perfect Execution of Packaging Digital Print

  • Date: Thursday 29 March 2018
  • Time: 4pm CET / 3pm GMT / 11am EDT / 8am PDT
  • Speaker: Jan De Roeck, marketing director, Esko

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