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BHS Corrugated's Maxmilian Mark on developments and opportunities in the corrugated market

Q1. Your presentation will discuss “Developments and opportunity in the corrugated market” Could you provide a bit more detail into what this will cover?

Nick and myself will discuss the differences in positions of printing in the manufacturing chain of corrugated board. This will include the aspects worklow, technical challenges and efficiency. We`ll finish with an update on the status of our mutual product development.

Q2. Why is this an important topic to discuss and what effect can it have on the industry?

Todays available solutions for printing digitally on corrugated board are designed for being used as an add-on for extending the portfolio of packaging suppliers. Inkjet has the potential to act as an driver for a real paradigm change in the industry once it`s enabled to be used for a mass of corrugated products. BHS and Screen are working on this vision to bring inkjet technically and economically into this position.

Q3. Where do you foresee the industry is headed in digital print for corrugated packaging and folding cartons?

The majority of corrugated board manufacturers are evaluating the possible investments into digital printing equipment at the moment- most prefer small scale solutions to investigate digital opportunities first before going on with higher risks. This will already lead to double-digit growth rates of digital print in corrugated board packaging in the next years. Once customers make good experiences with high volume machines as well the growth of digital printing within corugated can follow a much sheer curve as the market is quite interlinked and shares experiences. The biggest obstacle for folding carton might be the variety of demanded finishes, necessary color gamuts and in general level of print quality as it is much more used for primary packaging of value goods than corrugated is.

Q4. What are you seeing as the biggest hurdle in industry?

Standardization of digital printing for packaging

Q5. What are you most looking forward to at Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2018?

Having the opportunity to speak together with Nick in front of a wide audience with representatives of our industry, get a comprehensive overview on the market development and especially an insight into the view of brand owners on digital opportunities as well

Q6. Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2018?

The conference program is large and includes presentations from companies of differt positions in the value chain of packaging products.

Maximilian will be presenting alongside Dr. Nick Campbell as part of the 'How digital print is revolutionising corrugated packaging and folding cartons' session. Other speakers in the session include:

  • Wolfram Hahn, Edelmann Group
  • Gilad Torzi, Landa
  • Wolfram Verwuester, Durst Group and Schumacher Packaging
  • Anja Rohrle and Ronald Faulstich, DS Smith
  • Eric Bacourt, Rafael Hinojosa
  • Dr. Nick Campbell, Screen GP
  • Donald Allred, Memjet

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