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Sean Smyth, Digital Print for Packaging Europe Advisory Board member, on recent growth in digital print, future opportunities & more...

In the middle of 2017, growth in digital packaging printing is accelerating as new technologies for printing labels and packaging come to market, and converters snap them up. Compound annual growth rates in market values averaging 9.1% are predicted to 2022 when the market will be valued at $20.6 billion. Digital labels are well-established but there are major changes in flexibles, rigid plastics, cartons, metal and corrugated which are shaping the future markets.

It's why the equipment suppliers are developing new technology but it will be the early adopter converters who will benefit, with their brand and retail customers. Designers are getting to grips with the new capabilities and are optimising the new capabilities – currently there are few rules and certainly few boundaries other than the imagination of players. 

These changes are creating opportunities to delight end users, and grab market share. It is impacting everyone across the supply chain: buyers; designers; specifiers; brand managers; producers; equipment, substrate and colorant suppliers.

All should come to the Digital Print for Packaging Europe conference. They will have the opportunity to meet the key players who are developing and using new digital printing technology to do new things with packaging, hear about new applications and learn how companies are benefiting from innovation - they will find new ways to make money and solve long-standing pain points in workflow, MIS, prepress, colour management, food safety, substrate treatment, inks, coatings and finishing systems. They will also hear real world state-of-the-art experiences from the digital pioneers, sharing case studies and customer success stories. You will learn about this fast changing new world. 

Join players at the leading edge of digital packaging. They will explain the problems they have overcome and the opportunities that they have opened for themselves.

Digital Print for Packaging Europe will provide the latest information you need on technology and market developments, with the opportunity to meet the key people and companies driving improvements and innovations in packaging supply chains.

Nestlé, Unilever, Müller Dairy, Constantia, Tonejet, Konica Minolta, Esko, BHS Corrugated, Domino Printing Sciences, Agfa Graphics & more have already confirmed their attendance so what are you waiting for? Come and join us in Berlin this December, you won't regret it. You can book your ticket here

Best regards,

Sean Smyth
Print Consultant
Smithers Pira