Industry update: Where is digital print for packaging heading?

Sean Smyth. Print Consultant at Smithers Pira, recently spoke about how the growth in digital packaging printing is accelerating, with predicted compound annual growth rates averaging 9.1% to 2022 when the market will be valued at $20.6 billion.

With major changes also expected in flexibles, rigid plastics, cartons, metal and corrugated - all of which are shaping the future - the big question for brands and converters has changed from 'What can the technology do?' and 'What should it do?' to 'Where is the application value?'. This question comes about as all supply chain members realise that using digital printing can help them make money.

It's already well established that digital print can add phenomenal value and open up a wealth of applications, with brands, converters and designers all able to share in the benefits it offers. New capabilities, personalisation, tailored content and increasing emotional engagement with consumers are just some of the major benefits to be had. 

Taking this into account, this year's Digital Print for Packaging Europe is themed around 'Getting closer to the consumer', with presentations focusing on how to use digital print to provide products that consumers value and want to buy.

Key market players will share real world state-of-the-art experiences, with brand owners and converters sharing case studies and customer success stories.

Nestlé, Unilever, Müller Dairy, Constantia, Tonejet, Konica Minolta, Esko, BHS Corrugated, Domino Printing Sciences, Agfa Graphics & more have already confirmed their attendance so what are you waiting for? Make sure you're part of the future by securing your ticket now.

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