60 seconds with Industrial Inkjet's Paddy O'Hara

Ahead of next month's much anticipated Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2017, we spoke to Paddy O'Hara, Director of Technology at Industrial Inkjet Ltd, to get his view on the challenges the industry is facing, future exciting developments and what he's most looking forward to at the conference.

What do you feel will be the most exciting developments in the Digital Print for Packaging landscape in the next 5 years?

I believe the amount of the market accessible to inkjet technologies will grow immensely, based on improvements in printhead technology (speed and quality), ink technology, and reduced entry cost due to competition. Inkjet will become an accepted addition to analogue technology allowing new marketing opportunities to packaging designers.

What are some of the most innovative things happening in the industry?

Augmented reality functionality, targeted offers, covert brand protection etc. Greater local personalisation.

What are the latest technology developments in digital printing?

Hi Speed and high resolution inkjet printheads increasing the range of applications. Use of Ebeam technology as well as improved aqueous and hybrid inks, expanding the opportunities in flexible packaging

What are you most looking forward to at the 2017 DPP conference in December?

Promoting the IIJ innovative hybrid solution, to move the digital packaging market forward.

How will Digital Print in Packaging Europe benefit attendees?

Networking across the entire supply chain from brand owners to machine suppliers allowing a common view of the opportunities moving forward.

What are the main challenges the industry is facing and how do you think this conference can overcome them?

Conservatism in the market and a lack of knowledge of the exciting opportunities rapidly being created by digital technologies. The conference can overcome them by providing confidence to the key players in the market that there are robust and safe solutions available.

You are speaking on “Breaking down the barriers for in-line inkjet packaging solutions”, what can you tell us about why this is an important topic for the industry right now?

As above, many of the ‘barriers’ are based on a lack of knowledge of what is possible. They need to know not only what is currently available but also where the technology is heading to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors.

Paddy will be presenting as part of How Digital Print Drives Growth in Folding Carton and Corrugated Packaging session this December. Other presenters in the session include representatives from Heidelberg, Bobst, Landa, HSG Packaging, Kodak, Zumbiel Packaging, Xerox, Alexir and many more.

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