How digital print is driving growth in corrugated packaging

Digital printing has been gaining ground in the corrugated industry for some time and is now making significant inroads, especially in display packaging and retail ready applications. Brown boxes with plain black text are the norm in transit packaging but highly colourful, digital printed packs are gaining more and more shelf space in retail outlets.

One of the advantages of digital printing on corrugated is the ability to align with labels and flexible packaging by providing tailored print runs with no minimum requirement. In large part, the uptake in digital printing has been driven by the rise of discounter retailers, the growth in online shopping, personalisation and brand customisation.

Catering to seasonal and event related packaging provides added value for retailers and brand owners, enabling short-run or variable print capabilities, as well as mass customisation. The advent of 'print-on-demand' lends itself to cost-effective, personalised marketing campaigns that can assist a brand in generating innovative sales and marketing potential.

With the market expected to be worth almost $126 billion at mill level in 2021, growing from just over $100 billion in 2015, this year's Digital Print for Packaging Europe conference will include a session dedicated to 'How Digital Print Drives Growth in Folding Cartons and Corrugated Packaging' featuring real-life case studies from leading industry players.

Presentations as part of this session include:

  • Paul Stoudmann, Head of Strategy at Bobst, will provide insights from Bobst's experience including challenges and solutions, and what the packaging industry wants
  • Paddy O'Hara, Director of Technology at Industrial Inkjet, will present a case study on 'Breaking down the barriers for in-line inkjet packaging solutions'
  • Claire Virazels, Marketing Manager - Production Colour & Packaging Technology at Xerox will discuss their customer success stories alongside speakers from selected customers
  • Donald Allred, WW Director, Sales & Marketing for Packaging at Kodak, will present on 'Zumbiel packaging - cartons' alongside a selected customer

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