Exclusive interview with ebeam Technologies on innovation in the industry and much more

Ahead of this year's Digital Print for Packaging Europe we spoke to Elsa Callini, Business Development Manager at ebeam Technologies, to get her take on innovation in the industry, the latest exciting technology developments and much more.

Q1. What are some of the most innovative things happening in the industry?

The need for a unique user experience. Mass personalisation of packaging is one way of achieving this. And the need to provide safe ways to print and cure on packaging.

Q2. What do you feel will be the most exciting developments in the digital print for packaging landscape in the next 5 years?

The most exciting developments will be in inkjet and specifically for food packaging. Brand owners have started being more and more demanding and inkjet technology will have to keep the pace of these demands. More throughput combined with individualisation and safety will be the goal.

Q3. What are the latest technology developments in digital printing?

ebeam Technology will present in September the first inkjet printer equipped with an ebeam Compact unit: this is an incredibly innovative project among Uteco, INX and ebeam. Definitely something never seen before! GAIA, so the printer is called, will combine the advantages of inkjet technology with the curing quality and safety of ebeam to provide safe personalized packaging.

Q4. What are you most looking forward to at the 2017 DPP conference in December?

I am curious to see the reaction of the brand owners to the above innovations.  

Q5. How will Digital Print in Packaging Europe benefit attendees?

Attendees will have the chance to discuss the latest innovation directly with the promoters and the consumers: it is the best way to be updated and understand the future trends.

Q6. What are the main challenges the industry is facing and how do you think this conference can overcome them?

As usual when innovation is radical, some mis-concepts can create confusion. The conference will allow having clarity and open discussions that will lead to a deeper understanding of the current and future scenarios.

Q7. You are speaking on “EB for inkjet: the solution for safe printing on food packages”, what can you tell us about why this is an important topic for the industry right now?

Next to a unique experience, Brand owners want safe products. At ebeam our priority is always to provide solutions, which allow the brand owners to associate their brand with safety and quality. 

Elsa will be presenting on 'EB for Inkjet: The Solution for Safe Printing on Food Packages' alongside Urs V. Lauppi, Senior Business Consultant - ebeam Expert at ebeam Technologies, as part of the 'How Digital Print Drives Growth in Flexible/Rigid Packaging and Labels' session. Other presenters in the session include Velox, Industrial Inks Lab, Landa, Christiansen Print, Hapa and Xeikon

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