EFI, SGIA, FujiFilm, Carbon explore current and future technologies at Digital Print Week US

This year's Digital Print Week US will feature three dedicated sessions on the latest technological advances in the quickly transforming and rapidly growing 3D, digital print and digital textile printing industries.

3D Printing for Industrial Applications

The Applications in the Spotlight session at 3D Printing for Industrial Applications will explore three case studies that will provide insight on why 3D technology made sense for their company and needs, initial challenges and lessons learned, and actionable insights for the future.

Session topics and speakers include:

  • Case Study: 3D Printing Technologies in Automotive Applications presented by Carbon
  • Real Production Parts Using the HP Multi-Jet Fusion Technology from SIGMADESIGN
  • 3D Hubs presentation on From Prototypes to Production-Leapfrogging Through Additive Manufacturing

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Digital Print for Packaging US

The Technology Advances Part I session at Digital Print for Packaging US will examine the current packaging market with a focus on flexible and corrugated packaging, how recent technology has enabled digital to reach into high-speed corruaged printing, the advancements in ink jet technology and more!

Session topics and speakers include:

  • Enabling Packaging Applications with Inkjet Technology from Memjet US Services
  • Understanding and Leveraging Single and Multi-Pass Digital Ink Jet Technology presented by EFI
  • Bobst's Return on Investment presentation
  • Primers/Coatings Flexible Packaging Applications presented by Mica Corporation
  • Inkjet Digital Packaging Printing: Colorant and Ink Perspectives from Cabot Corporation

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Digital Textile Printing

Digital Textile Printing's session on Technical Advances in Digital Textile Printing will look at the possibilities for high speed laser cutting, color management challenges, testing procedures for digitally printed fabrics and more.

Session topics and speakers include:

  • Lasers: The Future of Textile Processing presented by LasX Industries
  • Color Management/Accurary and Verification from SGIA
  • FUJIFILM Dimatix Inc.'s presentation Direct to Garment Print Heads
  • Huntsman to present on Digital Textile Printing in Automotive and Outdoor Finishings

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