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What is the future of digital print for packaging?

It's no secret that in packaging, digital printing has been a game changer in the labels market. According to Smithers Pira's latest report on the 'Future of Digital Print for Packaging to 2020', digital packaging printing was valued at $10.5 billion in 2015 with labels accounting for 80.5% of this value and 93.5% of the printed volume in 2015. It is, however, surprising to some that despite this statistic less than 10% of all labels are printed digitally.

Digital print can add a great deal of value and opens up a wealth of new applications, with brands, converters and designers all able to share in the benefits it offers. One of the reasons digital packaging demand is expected to grow so strongly is it's ability to offer brands and retailers new functionalities, such as personalisation, tailored content and increasing emotional engagement with consumers. Coca-Cola's 'Share-a-coke with...' campaign is an excellent example of this, highlighting how digitally printed packaging can be used as a tool to engage with potential consumers.

The advisory board for Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2016 are working hard to shape a programme that will not only cover the current state of the market, but will also investigate and discuss future opportunities including consumer engagement. Attendees will hear digital print case studies from leading global players, as well as the latest technological developments, new substrates, drivers and barriers to adoption and much more. Make sure that you're part of the $10.5 billion digital printing market by attending the conference this December.

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