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"One of the most innovative technologies in the packaging world" - Alvise Cavallari, Nestlé

Digital print can add a great deal of value and opens up a wealth of new applications, with brands, converters and designers all able to share in the benefits it offers. But it's not without barriers and challenges, especially when it comes to brand owner adoption.

So we spoke to Alvise Cavallari, Head of Corporate Digital Printing Initiative atNestlĂ©, ahead of this year's Digital Print for Packaging Europe to get his opinion on the biggest barriers to adoption, where he sees the industry heading and why he is all about digital print.

In your opinion, what are the main barriers to brands adopting digital print technology and how could they best be resolved?

First barrier is food-safety. Then, today digital printing comes with too many constraints which draw down the promise of flexibility.

Why are you interested in Digital Print for Packaging?

We consider it as one of the most innovative technologies in the packaging world, whose implications go far beyond packaging

What are some of the most innovative things happening in the industry?

Integration towards a digital end-to-end process: printing, converting and decorating

What are the latest technology developments in digital printing?

We are not making developments so cannot answer directly. However we are deeply interested by the answers to this question

How do you think brand owner adoption will change in the next 5 years?

We’ll see after next DRUPA… There are wonderful things coming, that we are willing to adopt. However the roadblocks are still big. These are being addressed by the industry; we are convinced and confident that the technological landscape will be very different in 5 years.

Why do you think it is important to attend the Digital Print in Packaging conference?

Because it happens soon after the last Drupa, where digital printing has shown how it is evolving and changing the printing landscape

What are you most looking forward to about attending and speaking at this year’s Digital Print for Packaging event in Berlin?

Printing is relatively far from our core activity, though centric to our business. By attending we want to share with the printing community our views on digital printing

How will Digital Print in Packaging Europe benefit attendees?

Digital Printing is relatively new in packaging and considered quite disruptive. Open interactions between the different parties and stakeholders can only be beneficial for all

How do you foresee the future of Digital Print in Packaging over the next 5 years?

As a brand owner, we consider this question being the same as above. The industry is actively developing solutions for food packaging and have high expectations on the future of digital printing

Why should delegates attend Digital Print in Packaging conference and what are the top 3 over riding takeaways they will receive?

Get a hint of the direction these technologies are taking. Get a technology overview. Networking

What are the main challenges the industry is facing and how do you think this conference can overcome them?

Digital printing is really a disruptive technology, and all actors along the value chain need to interact together in order to better understand and address its potential.

Can you provide a brief summary of what your presentation will cover and why it’s important for delegates interested in Digital Print for Packaging to attend?

We will show how we see digital printing today: benefits existing or that we foresee, but also what we consider as main roadblocks.

Alvise will be presenting on 'Digital printing for food packaging: Opportunities and challenges' as part of the 'Brand Owners - Case Studies' session this December. Other presentations in this session include:

  • Brand owner targets - Jan Duffhues, Print Development Manager at Mars Europe
  • Digital printing to improve flexibility in the supply chain - Jakub Czmoch, Procurement Local Category Leader - Flexibles, Tins, Corrugates, Sundries at Twinings

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