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60 seconds with Dr Vlad Sljapic of Domino

Ahead of his presentation this December at Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2016, we spoke with Dr Vlad Sljapic, Director of Europe at Domino to talk industry innovation, brand owner adoption and much more...

Q. Why are you interested in Digital Print for Packaging?

Sljapic: In today’s world, supply chain is under pressure from operations (just in time supply, serialisation and traceability, lean manufacturing, efficiency in logistics) and marketing requirements (“mass marketing” to “my marketing”, increased number of SKU, reduced run lengths, flexibility of supply of personalised packaging). Digital Print offers opportunity for innovative companies to grow and develop, fulfilling all these requirements of the brands whilst setting new standards of operation for the future.

Q. What are some of the most innovative things happening in the industry?

Sljapic: Affordable mass serialisation of packaging that will provide a template for interface with the coming age of the “Internet of Things” – your fridge will know that the carton of milk is going out of date and will order the fresh one for you. From convenience, via efficiency to sustainability and elimination of waste, probably the most exciting development in the industry today.

Q. How do you think brand owner adoption will change in the next 5 years?

Sljapic: The volume of information that we all have to process is increasing daily and will soon reach the level where individuals will have to find alternative ways of processing this information. Brand owners will find themselves in a position that customer engagement, personal approach based on differentiated value proposition and brand equity will become far more valuable than ever before. In order to manage those values, as well as engage with customers directly (as opposed via outlets, supermarkets), brands are likely to develop packaging into a main vehicle of connectivity with the customers and the only cost effective way to achieve required level of personalisation and differentiation will be via further adoption of digital printing.

Dr Sljapic will be presentating as part of the 'How digital fits into the packaging supply chain' on Day 2 of the conference this December.

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