Exclusive interview with Twinings' Tomasz Galka

Tomasz is a proactive and dedicated profressional, with over 10 years experience in food and pharma procurement. He has a proven track record in costs optimisation and significant irmprovements to both profitability and operational efficiency for a range of organisations.

Q: What does your current role as Global Category Lead Packaging at Twinings entail?

As Global Category Leader;

  • Leading the development, implementation and alignment of global sourcing strategies and global supplier network capabilities for packaging spend category for Twining Ovaltine group
  • Investigating new/current supply markets including both converters and raw suppliers, looking for the best balanaced opportunity in quality, price, risk and capabilities. 
  • Previously working with cost optimisation in packaging machinery purchasing, also supporting pharma packaging sourcing

Q: Over the last 5 years, what do you feel has been the most monumental change in the role of packaging and what future do you see for packaging in another 5 years?

Moving more from rigid/carton packaging to flexibles/plastics, the marketing would be more focused on the shop shelves rather standard media and all the game would be around how attractive our packaging can be, boosting up on environmental aspects to better buy in consumer.

Q: We’re entering in to an exciting time for digital printing onto various packaging substrates. Why do you think that brands like Twinings are starting to see the implementation of digital technology as a great asset for their packaging? 

As per today for sure it's support for efficiency and allowance to utilise more ideas in shorter time on design.

Q: In your opinion, what are the main barriers to brands adopting digital print technology and how could they best be resolved?

Costing stability, assurance of supply – backup suppliers, replicate some special coloristic of gravure, flexo, replication of mettalised inks.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about attending and speaking at this year’s Digital Print for Packaging event in Berlin?

Know more suppliers and the digital industry, see whats new and how we can print digitally metallic gold.

Tomasz will be presenting on day 1, speaking about 'turning digital to reinvent existing product lines - motivations and limitations to overcome'. Don't miss out - book your place now.