Durst shows water-based UV print technology for first time

Italian inkjet innovator Durst, showed a novel water-based UV curing ink at Fespa 2015 on May 18-22.

The technology demonstration was given on its medium productivity Rho 250 HS Water Technology (WT) printer for rigid and flexible media.

The WT ink system disperses the pigments and UV vehicle in water as a diluent, and the press is fitted with both infrared driers and UV curing stations. The WT model has two infrared dryers, the first pins the ink and stops spreading, the second larger chamber evaporates off the water before a final UV cure.

Durst says the inks are not subject to specific health and safety or environmental labelling requirement; they are odourless and low-migration and so in time may be used in other machines for packaging applications as well as signage print.

Christoph Gamper, CEO of Durst Phototechnik AG comments: ‘Durst Water Technology is our unique selling point in the market. With the new development of the Rho WT, we can expand the range of applications to include classical large-format printing applications and access new market potential in the interiors segment, as well as packaging and [point-of-sale] with green products.

The Rho WT press can be configured with six colours at identical productivity to its conventional UV counterpart, with similar running costs, although the energy consumption is not yet clear. It is a low temperature high air throughput design – the surface temperature not exceeding 40°C – which means it is suitable for temperature-sensitive substrates.

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