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Digilaser brings digital precision to cut packaging

Germany’s Polar is offering laser precision in print-on-demand decoration with a new digital platform called DigiLaser.

The new machine – publicised on 21 May –  is designed as an entry-level device, allowing service providers to offer new value-adding options for single and short runs (up to 500 units) of cut products like greetings cards, stationary, menus, jigsaws and high-end packaging.

The DigiLaser is built around a 30W cutting laser. This can be used to cut an array of different designs in paperboard media, working from Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw files. The horizontal cutting bed measures 860mmx610mm.

A single job on the manual-feed DigiLaser can take from 18 seconds to 6 minutes, depending on its complexity.

A series of other finishing steps – such as perforation, creasing and engraving – are possible on the platform, and can all be executed in a single pass.

Polar is currently finishing beta test runs on DigiLaser. The Hofheim-based company intends to commence commercial sales in September 2015 with a list price around €56,000.