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Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2015

Smithers Pira are pleased to announce the annual Digital Print for Packaging Europe conference is coming to Berlin, Germany on 8-9 December 2015.

This year’s programme will focus on the new technologies and practical approaches to their implementation, assess digital print across multiple applications and substrates, and address brand owner concerns, success stories and barriers to overcome when exploring digital print for packaging. The objective will be to provide brand owners and converters with the information and evidence they require to confidently implement digital printing methods, and to educate all sides as to what technologies are available and what is needed in 2015 and beyond.

The agenda will engage all industry stakeholders and feature strategy-based case studies from key converters, brand owners and technology providers.

The 2015 programme will be shaped and guided by an expert advisory board, consisting of representatives from leading companies Unilever, PrintPromotion, Xeikon and Smithers Pira to ensure that delegates receive unrivalled insight into current barriers to digital, technical innovations and industry case studies.

Smithers Pira are recruiting papers from companies in this sector. If you would like more information in addition to the points below, or would like to submit a paper to be reviewed by the advisory board, please contact Karla Sharp, Conference Producer at Smithers Pira, at

More information about the history of the conference and the conference advisory board can be found at:

Please contact Karla at for more information or to submit an abstract, focused on one of the following themes:

  • Brand owner motivations, applications and implementations
  • Analysis of digital over flexo
  • Barriers to entry across the supply chain i.e. switching to digital, change management, compliance, sustainability, maintaining consistency etc.
  • Making digital printing mainstream in the world of packaging
  • Expanding digital’s reach into other packaging substrates i.e. corrugated, folding carton, metallic, flexibles etc.
  • Converter stories – the benefits of digital to them and their clients
  • Design implications and limitations on various substrates
  • What’s next? i.e. persuading other internal teams, new technologies and their ETAs on to the market, Augmented Reality in packaging etc.