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Fujifilm launches Samba printhead

Fujifilm has announced the introduction of a new printhead called Samba.

The Samba offers 1,200dpi native resolution, and incorporates 2,048 nozzles. These are configured to print ‘wide range of fluids, including UV-curable and aqueous inks.’

It incorporates two proprietary innovations from Fujifilm – VersaDrop and RediJet. The former permits Samba to deposit multiple fixed drop sizes; while the latter is an ink circulation system that allows for easier priming, while speeding the time to print and cutting consumables waste.

Bailey Smith, senior director for business development at Fujifilm, says: ‘The speed, precision and scalability of the Samba platform sets a new standard for single-pass printer designs – providing significantly expanded capabilities that system developers will need to meet the requirements of high-speed, wide-width, and high image quality printing.’

To enable scalability, the 43mm wide Samba is designed to allow equipment manufacturers to easily integrate it into multi-unit printbars. Fujifilm detects the main opportunities for the printhead in commercial print, labels, packaging and textile applications.