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Exclusive interview with Tetra Pak

Hear from Alessandro Zardini, Product Director, Packaging Materials at Tetra Pak

Ahead of Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2019, we spoke with Alessandro Zardini, Product Director, Packaging Materials at Tetra Pak, Italy, who shared his thoughts on the trends that will redefine digital printing over the next five years, and gave us a sneak peek of his presentation at the conference.

Your presentation will discuss “Digital printing: the sustainable business model for the world first one billion packs”, can you give us a sneak peak of what delegates will hear?

We have decided as a Company to dive head-first into creating value through digital printing. We have invested in the first full width printer in the industry and we put focus into making it technically work as much as making business sense. One billion packs is both our unit of measure and our first milestone for success

Can you share anything about Tetra Pak experiences with digital print today?

Tetra Pak has embraced digital printing since a while now, initially for unique codes creation, with multiple geographies serving Customers every day.

What are the trends that will redefine the digital printing industry the next 5 years?

The world is continuously evolving into being even more connected, fast and agile. On top of that, a personal preference for experiences rather than products is establishing itself as the norm. The need to answer the industrial challenges to provide unique experiences to millions of consumers will boost digital printing viability

Where does digital printing fit into sustainable packaging?

Traceability and having a unique identity for every package, together with an unparalleled communication tool will secure transparency to consumers about sourcing, manufacturing and disposal; not to mention the sharp stock management to avoiding unnecessary waste will all play a role in the pursue of the ideal packaging solution

Why do you feel it’s important for companies to attend the Digital Print for Packaging EU conference?

Value comes from everyone’s participation; attending guarantees one voice more in the choir for the benefit of everyone

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