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Part one of the Digital Print for Packaging 2022 conference agenda is now available. 
Registration and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 1: Market developments and technology trends
Market developments, major industry trends and market size
Session 2: Digital printing driving circularity
The European Green Deal and regulatory developments impacting packaging printing
  • How does the European environmental policy – the European Green Deal – impact the packaging printing industry in 2022 and beyond?
  • The European Green Deal addresses areas that go from the sourcing of raw materials to the placing of the end product on the market. The presentation will cover areas like requirements on raw materials, use of safe and sustainable chemicals, industrial emissions reduction in printing and carbon footprint in the printing industry, emissions reductions as well as design requirements applicable.
  • Specific legislation on design requirements applicable to printed packaging to achieve circularity and expected future requirements on printed food contact materials.

Laetitia Reynaud | Policy Advisor, Intergraf
Industry perspective - Revealing the sustainable characteristics of various digital print technologies in an objective and measurable scale
  • Landscape of options for converters, printers to reduce their day two day sustainable impact
  • The potential future developments with the digital printing technologies driven by the sustainability needs

Filip Weymans | Vice President Marketing, Xeikon
Q&A with previous speakers
Panel Discussion: Is digital printed packaging better then analogue printed packaging?

Panel moderator:
Robert Stabler, Managing Director, Koenig & Bauer Durst
Simon Daplyn, Product & Marketing Manager – Digital, Sun Chemical 
Lauri Järvinen, Technical Marketing Manager, Metsä Board 
Matt Brooks, Products & Solutions Director, Inca Digital Printers – An Agfa Company
Allan Bendall, Global Business Development Director, Saueressig Packaging

Networking Lunch
Session 3: How digital printing can ease supply chain disruption
Challenges and missed opportunities by brand owners
  • Digital print for personalisation, customisation, versioning and/or variable data/graphics.
  • Utilised via 3rd party, for e-commerce, through standard channels and in some cases in store or airports.
  • Digital print has not been used too much is to enhance speed to market, short runs, market testing
  • Why not use digital print to reduce inventory, to aim for zero obsolescence and print on demand?
  • What are the opportunities and what are the challenges?
  • What we still do not see enough, or rather slow?

Patrick Poitevin | Director, Advisory4Pack Ltd (former Mondelez International)
How can digital printing bring flexibility and control to your manufacturing process?
  • Current business environment for manufacturers; what are the challenges manufacturers face in 2022 and beyond?
  • How could digital printing  enable manufacturers to overcome these challenges and what benefits would be achieved by doing so?
  • What off line, near line and on line capability is now possible and what are the key stages to delivering this capability?

Lee Metters | Group Business Development Director, Domino Printing Sciences
Q&A Session
Panel Discussion: How the adoption of digital printing can improve supply chain issues?

Panel moderator:
Sean Smyth, Print Consultant, Smithers
Hery-Christian Henry, Group Head of Strategic Marketing and Sustainability, Wipak 
Patrick Poitevin, Director, Advisory4Pack Ltd. (formerly Mondelez International) 
Robert Stabler, Managing Director, Koenig & Bauer Durst 
Jan De Roeck, Director Solutions Management, Esko

Networking break
Session 4: How can digital printing benefit e-commerce packaging and personalisation?
Digital printing brings a consumer’s voice to packaging

Lauri Järvinen | Technical Marketing Manager, Metsä Board
Mauri Reinila | CEO and Founder, PackageMedia Oy

Q&A session with previous speakers
Session 5: Closing Panel
Panel Discussion: What would it take for disruptive and exponential growth of adoption of digital print in packaging and labels?

Panel moderator:
Jan De Roeck, Director Solutions Management, Esko
Luis Arevalo, Design & Packaging Engineering Director  for Latin America, Kellogg Company
Simon Edwards, Product Champion, GIS
Neil Cook, Segment Marketing Manager – Packaging and Commercial Print, Fujifilm 
Sean Smyth, Print Consultant, Smithers

Chair's closing remarks and end of day one
Networking Drinks Reception
Registration and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 6: Digital finishing and embellishment
Light weighting: a valuable financial and environmental dividend for full digital corrugated production
  • Peer-reviewed scientific article presents a compelling baseline for the damage to corrugated board by analog die cutting and the advantage of digital die cutting even with crease lines
  • Research data shows superior BCT (Box Crush Test) performance of lighter weight boards creased digitally compared with analog die cutting
  • Visual impact of non-crush processes is very clear - inserts that have gone through non-crush processing are too big to fit in the box
  • Lighter weight boards use less fiber, cost less to make, buy and transport - and therefore have a lower carbon footprint

Simon Lewis | VP Marketing, Highcon
Sustainable embellishment: contradiction or competitive advantage?

Christophe Dujardin | Global Business Development Manager Sustainability / Cold Transfer, LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

Sustainable metallization
  • The environmental impact of foils in labels´ printing industry
  • Digital, flexo and screen applications of ECOLEAF “liquid” foil
  • New special effects and sustainability advantages

Paolo Grasso | Sales Director, ACTEGA Metal Print
Matt Dass | Managing Director, Innovation, Springfield Solutions

Q&A session with previous speakers
Networking Break
Session 7: Automated workflow and colour management
Vision inspection for digital print workflows: automating inspection setup from within prepress to create a touch-less inspection workflow
Insights on direct-to-object printing

Guido Häussler | Project Manager Packaging Printing, ColorGATE
Samantha Morris | Co-Owner, Oasthouse Engineering Ltd.

Improving supply chain efficiency through digital preprint: a case study with Georgia Pacific Hummingbird
Changing role of the designer in inkjet label and packaging production
  • Are today’s designers up to the challenge of driving the $500 billion package printing industry?
  • How can designers harness the potential of emerging package print opportunities?
  • Sustainability, embellishing, expanded colour gamut presses, spectral brand colours.
  • Packaging is going 3D, packaging and the metaverse – worthwhile or nonsense?        

Mark Lewiecki | Senior Product Manager, Adobe
Q&A Session
Networking Lunch
Session 8: Digital printing applications for packaging and labels
Linking sustainable and connected packaging
  • Sustainability within ePac
  • ePacConnect and effective ways of engaging with consumers
  • Real-life examples of how our customers currently use ePacConnect to inform and encourage customers to dispose of their packaging

Johnny Hobeika | Managing Director, ePAC Holdings
Why our customers are choosing digital printing?
  • What is the value we expected from digital printing in corrugated board?
  • What is the value that the market is really looking for today?

Luca Simoncini | Digital Printing Program Manager, Ghelfi Ondulati SpA Italia
Power of digital – how digital print transforms customer business

Michael Weber | Director Corporate Strategy and Marketing, THIMM Group
Joerg Krista |  Prepass Specialist, Alfred Karcher SE & Co. KG

Q&A Session
Session 9: Future of digital printing
Closing Future Panel: Round up and thoughts for the future. What are the future trends in digital print in packaging?

Panel moderator:
Jan De Roeck, Director Solutions Management, Esko
Patrick Poitevin, Director, Advisory4Pack Ltd (former Mondelez International)
Luis Arevalo, Design & Packaging Engineering Director  for Latin America, Kellogg Company
Johnny Hobeika, Managing Director, ePac Holdings Europe

Chair's closing remarks and end of conference
Conference ends

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DPP Europe 2022 Agenda