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The changing landscape for digital printing in packaging - improvements for brands, converters and consumers
Part I - Packaging market developments in the post-COVID world
  • Where digital fits into the packaging world
  • The changing role of packaging, new functions enabled by digital print
  • Choices for printing labels, cartons, corrugate, flexibles, rigid plastics, glass and metal
  • Litho, flexo, gravure and special decorating
  • Electrophotography
  • Inkjet
    • The importance of workflow
    • Emerging routes to market
  • Comparing analogue and digital printing

Sean Smyth | Print Consultant, Smithers
Part II - The economics of digital print
  • Cost model comparison
  • Capacity of equipment - complementary or competitive to analogue print

Sean Smyth | Print Consultant, Smithers
Networking break
Part III - New technologies in 2021
  • Digital printing technology map, and digital finishing
  • Workflow
  • Materials
  • Finishing

Sean Smyth | Print Consultant, Smithers
Part IIII - The future packaging world
  • Sustainability
  • Changing retail landscape
  • Changing supply chains enabled by digital print
  • Changing customer requirements, how big brands are being disrupted by smaller brands

Sean Smyth | Print Consultant, Smithers
Registration and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 1: Market trends and developments
Industry changes and developments over the past year
  • Market overview and trends
  • Industry changes and developments - what direction is the industry moving in?

Sean Smyth | Print Consultant, Smithers
Security print in packaging
The security print market aims to prevent forgery, tampering or counterfeiting. Security printing is no longer restricted to passports or lottery tickets but is increasingly being used on packaging to provide brand protection, track and trace and excise or tax.  This presentation describes some of the relevant inkjet technology and how it is being applied.
  • Security printing is a large and growing global market. There is a constant need to develop new technology to keep ahead of the criminals.
  • Expensive products such as perfume or software have made use of security printing for some years to prevent counterfeiting
  • Government Regulations, such as in the pharmaceutical market,  demand traceability on every layer of packaging
  • Use of security print for taxation is growing. Originally this was for alcohol and tobacco but Russia is already applying it to many FMCG products, an idea likely to spread.

Ian Monksfield | Strategic Account Manager, Industrial Inkjet
Session 2: Challenges for the packaging industry: Sustainability targets and regulatory issues
Impact of the European regulation on the label industry
  • Label safety, product and brand protection, and machine safety

Juergen Devlieghere | VP Technology Digital Hardware & Software, Xeikon Manufacturing
Networking break
Carbon footprint reduction across the whole printing value chain - ProDirect® revolution
  • High-quality printing, as easy as printing with your inkjet printer
  • Wipak ProDirect® digital printing line - multi-colour surface digital print with water-based inks
  • No printing cylinders, offering low energy consumption and almost no waste
  • Printed on FSC® certified paper from responsibly managed foresty

Hery-Christian Henry | Group Head of Strategic Marketing and Sustainability, Wipak
Inkjet and circular economy - a promising alliance for the future of packaging?
  • Today’s challenge in packaging and the circular economy (CE) approach
  • How can digital printing support the transition from linear to circular
  • What can be the role of printing inks – putting chemistry in circular

Dr. Thomas Lehnen | Head of WB Inkjet Business, Siegwerk
Session 3: Automated workflow and colour management
How to achieve predictable and consistent results in digital corrugated cardboard printing
  • How complete colour management workflow was implemented for a single pass inkjet for corrugated?
  • Why colour management plays a key role for digital packaging printing?
  • How to reproduce brand colours on a CMYK digital press?
  • How to set up colour management workflows?

Victor Asseiceiro | Senior Product Manager, GMG
Lunch break
Implementing high speed workflow solutions for improved image quality in single pass inkjet packaging
  • Outlining the problem - image quality issues faced by the customer
  • Image quality tools for enhanced on-press performance
  • Workflow configuration and optimisation
  • Partner product integration for seamless workflow - Esko

Simon Edwards | Business & Product Manager - Software, Global Inkjet Systems (GIS)
Digital colour workflow
  • Building process and protocols to achieve consistent colour
  • Master and dependent standards
  • Standardise quality results
  • Instant job reporting
Joint presentation with John Kuijit, Senior Business Development at Esko
Pieter Mulder | Global Strategic Account Manager Brands, X-Rite Pantone
Panel discussion: Digital transformation
Moderator: Jan De Roeck, Director Solutions Management, Esko
  • Digital maturity model for packaging converters
  • Current status, accleration due to COVID-19
  • Future outlook and how to benchmark your business
Panelists include:
  • Thomas Kirschner, CEO and Founder, ColorGATE
  • Ted Samotis, PWI Packaging GTM Director, HP
  • José Miguel Serrano, Global Business Development Director, EFI
More panelists to be announced
Networking break
Session 4: Use cases for variable data print
Meeting converters' needs for customised, on-demand packaging
Joint presentation with Russell Boa, Senior VP Sales for NA & EMEA at Memjet
  • How demand for new packaging business models has paved the way for innovative approaches to on-demand manufacturing of packaging
  • The market demand and trends that are driving changes in how products are packaged
  • New developments in printing technology, process simplification and optimised substrates that make packaging more convenient and sustainable
  • The advantages that acomplete purpose-built production line delivers to meet the evolving needs of converters, brands and printers
  • Real-world customers who are using this approach to differentiate themselves, drive value and achieve operational efficiency

Jesper Gustavsson | Business Development & Founding Partner, V-Shapes
Packaging print in production: It's not about print, it's about process improvements
  • Examples of how companies can re-engineer their production workflows to address evolving customer needs
  • Detailed benefits associated with add-on printing using inkjet technology
  • Considerations to be aware of as you evaluate inkjet add-on printing

Shane Tansey | Business Development Manager, Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions
Connected package: Digital printing enabling 'internet of food packages'
  • Digital printing of unique package codes - Food & Beverage producers case stories
  • Challenges in managing the eco system of data management, digital printing, consumer applications
  • Full colour digital printing of packages - update from global launch in Q4 2021

Patrik Hylta | Senior Product Manager, Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions
Chair 's closing remarks
Networking drinks reception
Registration and morning refreshments
Chair's opening remarks
Session 5: New developments in corrugated packaging and folding cartons
How digital will drive and transform the market
Joint presentation with Malte Zinnecker, Managing Director at THIMM Verpackung GmbH
  • Market trends and customer requests for corrugated industry
  • Key learning on the digital journey 

Michael Weber | Director Corporate Strategy + Marketing, THIMM Group GmbH
From potential to reality
​Joint presentation with Mr. Jochen Drösel; CSO - Chief Sales Officer, Schumacher Group
  • Boxplant 2025
  • RSR™ - What does it offer
  • RSR™ - Status

Nils Gottfried | Head of Digital RSR Sales/Global Senior Expert - Digital Print, BHS Corrugated Maschinen-und Anlagenbau GmbH
Session 6: E-commerce in digital print and sustainability
E-commerce and digital print - the missing link
  • Real examples of mass customisation and how to get there
  • Case studies for B2B and B2C applications
  • Challenges and solutions when combining e-commerce and digital printing machines

Florian Fassler | Head of R&D, Digital Technologies, Polytype
Networking break
E-commerce, sustainability and digital packaging supply chain
  • The rise of new opportunities for converters and brands with e-commerce
  • The new way of e-commerce vs. the 'old fashioned' way
  • Case studies (including video)

Adi Relles-Shorer | Product Manager, HP PWI Corrugated
Session 7: Innovations in flexible packaging and labels
ePac flexible packaging overview and capabilites
  • ePacConnect - latest innovation, allows brands to engage with the consumers, protect their brands and trace their product through the use of seralised QR code on their packaging
  • Digital printing platform is inherently sustainable, using less energy, producing less waste, and having a smaller carbon footprint than conventional printing technology

Johnny Hobeika | Managing Director, ePAC Holdings
Panel: Hybrid - the best of both worlds?
Combining conventional and digital processes

  • Shane Tansey, Business Development Manager, Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions
  • Patrik Hylta, Senior Product Manager, Tetra Pak Packging Solutions
  • Alvise Cavallari, Head of Corporate Digital Printing, Nestlé
  • Roza Altin, Packaging Development Director, ULKER-YILDIZ HOLDING
Lunch break
Digital printing unique packaging and speed to market
  • Variable data and variable designs - unique
  • Profile development - key for special colours
  • Agility and speed - going faster to the market

Cristina Delgadhino | Global Product Manager, Constantia Flexibles
Session 8: Digital embellishment, vanishing and finishing
Digital value adding processes in label printing
  • Adding value to labels
  • Digital processes replacing analogue applications
  • Benefits of digital technologies

Søren Ringbo | General Manager, Nilpeter Digital Products
Scodix presents the future of print through digital enhancement
  • Packaging designed presses
  • Sustainability
  • Cost analysis
  • Case studies

Mark Nixon | VP Global Sales & Marketing, Scodix
Session 9: Direct to shape
Direct beverage can decoration arrives in Europe
  • BevCraft Group case study: Launching a Tonejet can decoration system in the European market
  • Tonejet's latest technology updates
  • Direct to shape market dynamics in craft beverages and beyond

Rob Day | CEO, Tonejet Ltd
Chair's closing remarks and end of conference

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