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About Digital Print for Packaging Events

Why is digital print for packaging a hot topic?

A vital consideration for all serious brand marketers:

Whether you're a product marketer, packaging developer or brand manager, chances are that you've heard about digital print. But how much do you really know about it? As a relatively new technology, digital print is only just beginning to infiltrate the packaging market and demonstrate its true potential for seamless and personalised advertising, both on and offline.

The potential of digital print reaches way beyond the label. Personalized digitally printed fliers and brochures have been driving up ROI for years now, using content which can also be incorporated into online and mobile media as pioneered by marketing teams such as the one at BSkyB. This kind of personalization ensures relevant messages are delivered to targeted groups of your customers. According to, 61% of US consumers feel more positive about a brand when marketing messages are personalized. Following Sky's lead, you could be producing completely bespoke and targeted packaging in the not so distant future.

The fact is, digital printing is becoming increasingly cost-effective and offers the same standard of quality as more traditional printing methods. Companies of all shapes and sizes are beginning to recognize its potential, and those who don't get on board are likely to get left behind.

What are the benefits of digital printing for packaging?

  • Provides ways to add value and differentiate the brands
  • Enables brands to be quickly and easily refreshed and labels and packaging adapted quickly for seasonal promotions, special events or even different language versions
  • Using digital printing enables carton producers to better manage their brand customers − improving sell-through with targeted design, while lowering capital expenditure, time to market and obsolescence
  • Brand owners using digital printing for their packaging work gain the ability to affordably launch new products and improve visibility on the shelves
  • Digital press technology allows endless print possibilities that are simply not financially practical with litho or flexo
  • The speed of digital press technology means that 'sell it first then make and pack it' is fast becoming a new philosophy considered by brand owners and retail groups
  • Other advantages of digital package printing include lower set-up costs than those for flexo/offset and gravure, and a reduction in capital equipment cost

Who Should Attend?

Brand owners

  • Learn about the technology, quality and cost of printing digitally
  • See how digital printing can enhance customer engagement and increase ROI on your campaigns
  • Understand how digitally printed packaging can fit seamlessly into your current supply chain
  • Get your products to market faster, with more targeted campaigns delivered via the packaging itself


  • Hear market forecasts and understand the growth potential of digital - and why you need to offer a digital service
  • Meet a broad range of brand owners who are interested in digital print
  • Learn from fresh case studies detailing how to leverage the power of digital print
  • Understand how to integrate digital with your traditional processes and improve efficiency on your analogue systems

Solution providers

  • Spread the word about your technological solution and put your brand in front of converters looking to invest in digital
  • Educate the market about the power of digital print
  • Build new relationships and nurture existing ones via extensive networking opportunities

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