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About 3D Printing for Industrial Applications

According to Smithers Pira’s latest research the 3D print market is growing at 23.7% CAGR and will reach $49b by 2025. Over the course of this time the market will mature quickly and economies of use and technological advances will combine to provide new opportunities for the technology beyond novel and prototyping applications and into mainstream manufacturing. For companies with experience, expertise and technology solutions in substrates, formulations, print machinery, prepress and other traditional print solutions this market represents a significant opportunity.

As a world leader in providing insight and connections to the print industry Smithers Pira are launching 3D Printing for Industrial Applications to bring together the key decision makers and the key technologies that will facilitate the progress of 3D printing. 3D Printing for Industrial Applications will kick off Digital Print Week on Monday, June 5th.

Highlights from the 3D Printing for Industrial Applications agenda include:

  • High-level presentations on the current and future industry, speakers will share their experiences with 3D printing, the initial challenges and lessons learned, and actionable insights for the future and more!
  • Expert speakers from Carbon, SigmaDesign, HP, Adphos Digital Printing, Voodoo Manufacturing and more!
  • Off-site tour at the HP Graphics Experience Center

Sessions Include:

  • Market Overview: 3D Printing Technologies for Industrial Applications
  • Applications in the Spotlight
  • Starting the 3D Printing Industrial Revolution

Opportunities to network with these attendees and more:


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