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3D Printing Experts to Present This Year

Leading experts in the field of 3D printing will join the 2017 3D Printing for Industrial Applications conference.

  • Dr Kai Bär

    President Adphos Digital Printing

    Dr. Bär is the Managing Director/President of Adphos Digital Printing. He is one of the founders of the IndustrieSerVis (legal predecessor of Adphos). Before he was the leader of the business segment “High Temperature Technology and Installations” at IABG, Ottobrunn. Dr. Bär was responsible for the Technology Program “HERMES-Heatstructure-Tests” and graduated as Ph. D. (with award) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen in Germany.

  • Charlie Covert

    Vice President, Customer Solutions UPS

    Charlie Covert is Vice President, Customer Solutions.  In this capacity, he is responsible for supply chain design, sustainability, and consulting for the high tech, aerospace, government, professional services, industrial manufacturing, and automotive sectors.  Charlie works with UPS customers to understand their supply chain strategy as it supports their business strategy.  He then leads development of strategic and tactical alternatives, evaluation of business cases that drive customer value, and execution of the selected strategy. 

    Charlie serves on the Board of Directors for Fast Radius, a manufacturing services company specializing in on-demand manufacturing, particularly 3D Printing.  He also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Georgia Conservancy.  The Georgia Conservancy strives to protect Georgia's natural resources by advocating sound environmental policies, advancing sustainable growth practices and facilitating common-ground solutions to environmental challenges.  He also serves on the Integrated Systems Engineering Advisory Board for The Ohio State University.  Charlie is active with American Corporate Partners mentoring veterans returning to the civilian job market.

    Charlie has been with UPS for eighteen years.  Prior to UPS, he performed logistics engineering functions for Sedlak Management Consultants and McDonnell Douglas.  He also served in the Ohio and California Air National Guard. 

    Charlie holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine University.

  • Paul DiLaura

    VP of Sales Carbon

    Paul joins Carbon after spending over 10 years at Dassault Systemes, where he was responsible for all customer and partner relationships as Managing Director for North America. As VP of Sales, Paul is working to accelerate the adoption of our technology and maintain a central focus on customer success. His experience managing some of Dassault Systemes' key relationships will be critical for driving company growth across a variety of industries. Paul earned his BA in both Economics and History from the University of Michigan.

  • Max Friefeld

    Co-Founder & CEO Voodoo Manufacturing

    After studying engineering at Harvey Mudd College, Max Friefeld co-founded Layer by Layer, an online marketplace and streaming solution for 3D printable products. Layer by Layer was acquired by MakerBot in 2014, where he became a product manager overseeing MakerBot’s newest cloud tools and software products. He co-founded Voodoo Manufacturing in 2015 to move 3D printing from a niche technology for prototyping, to a mass-manufacturing tool for making end-use parts and products. With Voodoo, he is combining a lifelong passion, robotics, with manufacturing to build the first fully digital factory.

  • Dan Grigoras

    Director of Business Development 3D Hubs

    Dan Grigoras is helping lead the 3D printing revolution for Amsterdam-based 3D Hubs, the world’s largest network of 3D printers. With printers in over 30,000 locations and 150 countries, we provide over 1 billion people with access to a 3D printer within 10 miles (16km) of their home or business. Prior to leading the business development team at 3D Hubs, Dan managed the supply chain and extensive network of vendors at Shapeways and was also a Program Manager at 3D Systems Quickparts.

  • Brendan Hart

    Engineering Technical Lead for 3D Technologies SIGMADESIGN

    As a Mechanical Engineer Brendan provides expertise in product development with a design focus on consumer electronics, healthcare devices, wearable tech, and system design.

    As the Engineering Technical Lead for 3D Technology at SIGMADESIGN, Brendan provides guidance and understanding of project opportunities using the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. With an undestanding of design through manufactuing, he is developing best practices for 3D designed parts and their integration into production systems.

    Previously, Brendan led the product development department of an enterprising biotech company, where he was responsible for bringing over 20 products to market. At SIGMADESIGN, he’s currently working as part of a distinct team providing innovative design and engineering support. He uses his varied background to view projects wholistically and successfullly solve complex challenges.

    Brendan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. He currently holds three U.S. patents as lead inventor.

  • John J. Hauer, Jr.

    Founder and CEO Get3DSmart

    John Hauer is a seasoned C-level executive with over 25 years of experience working with innovative technology firms. His diverse resume includes roles in sales, marketing, product management, and senior leadership.  

    John has founded and launched several tech-related businesses. In 2013, he co-founded and served as CEO of 3DLT. The company provided a platform for 3D printing as-a-service, helping Amazon, Walmart and other global retailers sell digitally manufactured products, online and in-store. In 2015 he founded Get3DSmart, a consulting practice which helps companies innovate with 3D printing and other related technologies.

    John has also participated in some of the world's most notable startup events including TechCrunch Disrupt (NY 2013) where 3DLT became the first 3D printing company to launch in Battlefield. He’s appeared in several other events, presenting to industry luminaries including Steve Case and Kevin Harrington, among others.

    John has been featured in dozens of globally recognized publications, including Forbes, TechCrunch, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Popular Science, among many others. He has appeared on several local and national TV and radio programs. He has spoken at many well-known industry conferences including the National Retail Federation’s event and RAPID, where he helped launch HP’s new 3D printing business.

    As a technology journalist, John focuses primarily on the topics of 3D printing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automation. He is a regular contributor for TechCrunch and He has also written for many other publications including Futurism, QZ, TechFaster, Inside3DP, Daily Crowdsource and many others. John and his team at Get3DSmart also provide written content and media for many well-known corporate clients.   

    John lives and works in Cincinnati, OH USA.

  • Bob Taylor

    Senior Software Architect HP

    Bob Taylor is a Senior Software Architect at HP, focusing on web service development & deployment for 2D & 3D printing.  He has experience in building businesses and developing systems for the production, consumer, and enterprise markets.