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2017 Agenda

The 2017 3D Printing for Industrial Applications agenda will provide exclusive insights on the 3D printing industrial market, technological innovations and applications.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Conference Registration & Exhibition Hall Open

  1. Conference Registration & Exhibition Hall Open

  2. Opening Remarks from the Conference Organizers

MARKET OVERVIEW: 3D Printing Technologies for Industrial Applications

Session Chair: John J. Hauer, Founder & CEO, Get3DSmart

  1. Opportunities and Challenges for 3D Printing in Industrial Applications

    Ciaran Little | VP Business Development, Director of Operations - Asia of Smithers

    • Current technological challenges and hurdles to overcome
    • Raw material assessments: advantages and limitations of different raw materials
  2. Evaluating the economics of 3D Printing in Industrial Applications

    John J. Hauer, Jr. | Founder and CEO of Get3DSmart

    • Assessing 3D options for your application
    • Cost comparisons for different processes and materials
    • Cost outlook-- how are costs changing for 3D equipment and materials
  3. UPS uses 3D printing technologies in manufacturing to create innovative supply chain solutions

    Charlie Covert | Vice President, Customer Solutions of UPS

  4. Networking Refreshment Break

Applications in the Spotlight

  1. Stop Prototyping. Start Producing

    Paul DiLaura | VP of Sales of Carbon

    Carbon is at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science.  Paul DiLaura, Carbon’s VP of Sales, will share Carbon’s vision of the key technology and materials developments that are poised to accelerate industrial manufacturing.  We’ll draw from real-world case studies, showcasing how Carbon is helping foremost companies like reinvent their approach to digital manufacturing in order to Stop Prototyping and Start Producing. We will also deep dive into how Carbon and adidas developed the first additive manufacturing mass production footwear, Futurecraft 4D, and how Carbon has enabled adidas to become the largest user and benefactor of additive technology in production footwear.

  2. Real production parts using the HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology

    Brendan Hart | Engineering Technical Lead for 3D Technologies of SIGMADESIGN

    • The technology potential
    • Accelerating design and production timelines
    • The business case
    • Initial challenges and lessons learned
    • Next steps and outlook
  3. From Prototypes to Production - Leapfrogging Through Additive Manufacturing

    Dan Grigoras | Director of Business Development of 3D Hubs

    As additive manufacturing technologies become increasingly capable of repeatable and reproducible production, the dream of manufacturing production parts through 3D printing is quickly becoming a feasible reality. This reliability is also enabling, and driving, an increasing number of high-value applications, some of which are now becoming the norm for many industries and in many consumer markets.

    The goal of this talk is to explore this industry transformation from the point of view of service bureaus and the beneficiaries of the technologies.

    This presentation will discuss the various perspectives of additive manufacturing as a commercially viable means of end-use parts production, the ramifications and impacts this industry shift will impose on service bureaus. Business models and strategies service bureaus can leverage to become an enabler, and leader, in this new economy will also be covered.

    The second part of this presentation will focus on the benefits this shift will bring to clients and consumers, the business models and strategies they can use to seamlessly transition from prototyping to production. The different 3D printing enabled scenarios that allow product designers to reach their market faster, and deliver a tailored and fast evolving product to their clients will also be explored.

    As a result of this talk, the audience will be able take away actionable insight that will enable them to drive this transformation in their organisations and lead the way to a stronger additive future.

  4. Networking Lunch

Starting the 3D Printing Industrial Revolution

Session Chair: Jan Sumerel, Applications Manager, BASF

  1. Ultrafast Heating for Accelerated 3D-manufacturing Cycles

    Dr Kai Bär | President of Adphos Digital Printing

    • Limitations of current 3D manufacturing processes
    • Potential for increased speeds and lower costs
    • Examples and case studies
  2. Next Generation 3D Printing Technology for Industrial Applications

    Bob Taylor | Senior Software Architect of HP

    • A retrospective – what have we achieved in the last 5 years
    • Which current technology has the most promise
    • What’s in the innovation pipeline for the next generation of 3D Printers
  3. Achieving Scalable 3D Print Manufacturing

    Max Friefeld | Co-Founder & CEO of Voodoo Manufacturing

    • Current case studies and examples
    • Technical limitations and future possibilities
    • What will take to deliver on the potential of 3D in volume manufacturing
  4. Closing remarks from the chair and close of conference