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Meet the expert presenters who are brought innovative and industry-leading content to the 2021 Digital Textile Printing US program. 

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Anna Kimelman - LoopLine

Anna Kimelman

Founder & CEO at LoopLine
Victoria Nelson Harris - Mimaki

Victoria Nelson Harris

Senior Textile Segment Specialist at Mimaki
Mike Scrutton - Adobe

Mike Scrutton

Director – Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe
Chelsey Evans - Etsy

Chelsey Evans

Senior Manager, Sustainability at Etsy
Melissa Henkle - Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. (makers of REPREVE)

Melissa Henkle

Director Brand Sales at Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. (makers of REPREVE)
Kristen Dettoni - Design Pool

Kristen Dettoni

Founder and Owner at Design Pool
Eric Beyeler - DuPont Advanced Printing

Eric Beyeler

Global Marketing Manager for Artistri® Digital Inks at DuPont Advanced Printing
David Stevenson - Global Graphics Software

David Stevenson

Product Manager, at Global Graphics Software
Guy Alroy - Early Vision

Guy Alroy

Co-Founder at Early Vision
Shoshana Burgett - Pink Elephant Productions, Colorkarma

Shoshana Burgett

Founder at Pink Elephant Productions, Colorkarma
Gerard Buch - Inèdit Software

Gerard Buch

Technical Sales Manager at Inèdit Software
Debbie McKeegan - Texintel

Debbie McKeegan

CEO and Industry Expert at Texintel
Cynthia Power - EILEEN FISHER Renew

Cynthia Power

Director at EILEEN FISHER Renew
Ryan Stanley - Senior Director of Color

Ryan Stanley

PVH Corp. at Senior Director of Color
Rose Nicastro - JoAnn Fabrics

Rose Nicastro

Director Product Development & Sourcing at JoAnn Fabrics
Laura Batten - RePack

Laura Batten

Business Development and Account Manager at RePack
Lewis Shuler - Alpine Group

Lewis Shuler

Head of Innovation at Alpine Group
Michelle Courtois - Springs Creative

Michelle Courtois

Textile Design Professional and Educator at Springs Creative
Michael Meyer - Osprey Packs

Michael Meyer

Director of Design at Osprey Packs
Jessie Kosak - The Sustainability Consortium

Jessie Kosak

Director, Manager, Technical Development at The Sustainability Consortium
Hitoshi Ujiie - Thomas Jefferson University

Hitoshi Ujiie

Director of the Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging School of Design and Engineering Kanbar Col at Thomas Jefferson University
Amanda Hayes - Director, Corporate Communications, Diversity & Inclusion

Amanda Hayes

JoAnn Fabrics at Director, Corporate Communications, Diversity & Inclusion