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View the 2021 agenda, which featured  Adobe, Joann, Springs Creative, Inedit, Alpine Group, UNIFI, Global Graphics and many more!

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Registration and Opening Remarks
Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Brittany Onslow, Conference Producer, Smithers
Session I: Trends, Brands in Digital Textile Printing and More
How digital technologies are helping brands build products more sustainably
Lewis will lead us through a journey explaining how brands are leveraging digital technologies to print and manufacture apparel more responsibly. The discussion will touch on aspects of design and manufacturing where digital tools are providing benefits, challenges, and how brands are implementing them.
Lewis Shuler | Head of Innovation, Alpine Group
JoAnn Fabrics: Innovative Design and Elevated Product Quality
Additional Presenter:
  • Amanda Hayes, Director, Corporate Communications, Diversity & Inclusion, JoAnn Fabrics

Abstract to come!
Rose Nicastro | Director Product Development & Sourcing , JoAnn Fabrics
Industry Overview: Highlights of designers and New Trends
Networking Break and Coffee
Session II: Making Technological Advancements for Digital Printing with Textiles
< Session Description >
This session will address the new ways that digital print is being used and all the latest technological advancements outside of the apparel and home décor worlds. Speakers will also share testing methods that are used in digital print with textiles.
Surface Imaging: a new concept for innovative digital printing
This presentation will cover concept and examples for Surface Imaging to actualize any imageries digitally print on a wide range of substrates, which can be porous, non-porous, flexible, and rigid. The content also includes textile applications.
Hitoshi Ujiie | Director of the Center for Excellence in Surface Imaging School of Design and Engineering Kanbar Col, Thomas Jefferson University
Mimaki textile printing innovations to meet the demands of the post pandemic market
Presentation will include:
  • Current state of the textile and apparel market
  • New sublimation and direct to fabric technologies
  • How to create applications for soft signage, interior décor, & apparel.

Victoria Nelson Harris | Senior Textile Segment Specialist , Mimaki
Lunch Break
Session III: The Commercialization of Digital Print for Textiles: Apparel & Home Decor + Pandemic
< Session Description >
This session will address the unique needs in apparel and home décor with digital print. Speakers will address the challenges, innovations, and trends within the apparel and home décor industries and hear the latest from the brand perspective.
Panel: How has digital print changed the apparel industry?
  • Victoria Harris, Textile Specialist, Mimaki
  • Ryan Stanley, Senior Director of Color, PVH Corp
Is there a gap between where the textile industry is currently, and how advanced digital print is? Why is there such a hesitation to switch to digital print?
How is digital print improving the process of creating and designing apparel?

This panel will address the struggles of using digital print for apparel, the challenges of switching over to digital and how digital can improve the on demand production and design process.
Textile Development and Production for Home Furnishings Applications

Join Michelle Courtois as she develops and produces home furnishings products for a site specific project with Springs Creative You will see the process of developing print and patterns, for fabrics, wallpaper and window treatments. Witness the ease of production and ability to create varied products through digital printing with a low environmental impact and speed to market.

Michelle Courtois | Textile Design Professional and Educator, Springs Creative
Trend Fabric and Print
Abstract and speaker to come!
Networking Break
Session IV: Color Management, Workflow and Finishing
Optimizing color quality and performance with PDF in your textile workflow
  • David Stevenson, Product Manager, Global Graphics Software
  • Gerard Buch, Technical Sales Manager, Inedit Software
Workflow management in digital textiles printing is shifting towards PDF, a format that provides an enhanced way of communicating creative design and job/device instructions.
Inèdit’s neoStampa® is the RIP software of reference in this market and is compatible with devices from vendors such as Mutoh, Epson, EFI Reggiani, Mimaki and Konica Minolta. 
In this session they talk about the benefits of using Mako™ as their PDF engine to offer a new level of rendering precision and accuracy:  how they can interpret the PDF to discover information about its dimensions, color spaces, spot colors, fonts, layers etc.; and how the synergy between the color mastering provided by Inèdit together with the ICC color conversion capabilities of Mako® combines precision with performance.

Gerard Buch | Technical Sales Manager, Inèdit Software
Pigment ink jet inks: bringing brilliant colors and sustainable manufacturing to Apparel, Fashion and Home Fabrics
Recent advances in textile printing ink jet technology, from pretreatment to inks and equipment, have enabled sustainable and flexible digital textile printing processes that deliver beautiful prints on fabrics and apparel (from fashion to active wear).  The presentation will describe the different processes, including the sustainability advantage of pigment IJ printing, and the influence of the choice of consumables (inks, pretreatment, fabrics etc..) on how to optimize printing results.
Eric Beyeler | Global Marketing Manager for Artistri® Digital Inks, DuPont Advanced Printing
From Design to Print – building a future proof, digital end-to-end textile solution from concept to manufacture using PDF
The needs of fashion and décor provides some unique challenges which require special attention. Mike Scrutton of Adobe talks about lessons learnt from the digitization of workflows, building on technologies that can solve the problems of today while leading to solutions for tomorrow. Come on a journey from concept all the way to manufacture!
Mike Scrutton | Director – Print Technology and Strategy , Adobe
Closing Remarks & Networking Reception
Registration and Welcome
Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens
Welcome: Advisory Board Member
Session V: Personalization and E-Commerce – How is this changing on demand production?
< Session Description >
This session will cover the growing trend of millennials wanting everything personalized and buying more and more online rather than in store. This session will address how companies are adopting personalization with digital print and how this has impacted their business. 
Print-On-Demand Design and Production Opportunities

Starting an e-commerce business has never been easier. With this comes the opportunity for on-demand products and great design. There is an exciting shift in manufacturing from an inventory model to on-demand. I will share with the group the programs, systems, and organizations in place to service this new business model, explaining the process from start to finish. We will explore the growing market and the opportunities for additional product and improved service.

Kristen Dettoni | Founder and Owner, Design Pool
Perfecting On-Demand & Personalized All-Over-Print from eCommerce all the way to production
  • The workflow for all over print – An overview
  • Experience tight 3D/2D online personalization of garments and accessories right within the eCommerce site.
  • Integrating partners sites to your back office.
  • Optimizing fabric allocation and usage.

Guy Alroy | Co-Founder, Early Vision
Stages from Development to Execution - The journey and to digital apparel production.
Climbing a mountain, like Kilimanjaro, is not as simple as going from point A to point B. There are hills and valleys, steep climbs, and many switchbacks making it sometimes feel like you are moving forward. We can’t climb a mountain in one day, and neither should we expect the same from the apparel and footwear industry as it moves towards a digital workflow. Both brands and their suppliers have to map the terrane, working together to understand the key steps, various solutions, costs, and barriers.
In this highly interactive presentation, participants will:
  • Understand the stages from development to execution. 
  • Discover the various solutions within each step and how those solutions look to address the problem.
  • Learn how brands and suppliers are working together to map out their journey to reach the summit.
  • Discover available resources for designers and manufacturers to help build a working model for knowledge sharing and highlight supplier's success stories.

Shoshana Burgett | Founder , Pink Elephant Productions, Colorkarma
New Colors for Home & Interiors and Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2021
Abstract coming soon!
Networking Break
Session VI: Sustainability, New Materials and The Future of Fabrics
< Session Description >
How is the Circular Economy Affecting the Textile Industry? This session will cover the latest trends in fabrics, sustainability and how digital on demand is the more sustainable option.
How digital printing is sustainable and environmentally friendly?
Panel: How is the Circular Economy Affecting the Textile Industry?
  • Melissa Henkle, Director Brand Sales, Unifi Manufacturing, Inc. (makers of REPREVE)
  • Anna Kimelman, Founder & CEO, LoopLine
  • Michael Meyer, Director of Design, Osprey Packs
  • Chelsey Evans, Senior Manager, Sustainability, Etsy
  • More Panelisis to come!
This panel will address circular economy and the materials that are being used in textiles such as recycled polyester, biodegradable fabrics, bottle takeback programs, textile takeback programs, recycling extra fabrics and more.
Networking Lunch
Sustainability, Circularity and Fashion
Abstract coming soon!
Take-Back, Resale and Reuse
Presentation To Be Confirmed
Speaker and abstract to come.
Sustainability Consortium – Project WearEver
What Will Be the Role of the Creative Designer in Industry 4.0?
Abstract and speaker coming soon!
Closing Remarks and Farewell