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60 Seconds With X-Rite Pantone On Why The Industry Needs To Talk About Color Management, 2018

As an expert in digital workflow processes, X-Rite Pantone’s Solutions Architect, Mark Gundlach recently sat down with this year’s conference team to discuss challenges with color management in the current landscape, and why industry events, like DPP US, need to be having more conversations dedicated solely to color management. 

Can you tell us about some innovative tools X-Rite is working on to improve color rending in digital assets?

X-Rite provides tools that support more than simple color comparison. Our solutions provide the operator immediate, and actionable feedback to assist in correcting the color, and can provide management data to support continuous improvement programs.  

What do you think is the biggest challenge with color management in the digital print for packaging landscape?

There are so many different printers, substrate and ink combinations available. Great color can be achieved, however it is not as simple as loading the substrate and start printing. Prework must be done to build a good process. For each substrate, the operator must perform a calibration and create an ICC profile. Once this is done, the digital-front-end (DFE) can handle converting the file colors to the closest match on the specific printer/ink/substrate that is used.

Why do you think it’s important to have a discussion solely around color management at a digital print for packaging conference?

Packaging requires more critical color matching than most other digital printing. Brand owners do not lower their color expectations when they move work to digital production. The digital packaging supplier needs to have someone, on staff, that understands color management, in the DFE, and how to troubleshoot color issues in creative and prepress applications like Adobe applications or Esko.

What are you most excited to hear about at Digital Print for Packaging US 2018?

The technology is advancing very fast. Digital opens up so many new options. Clearly it is not the same as conventional printing, it requires a new set of skills and tools to manage the print quality, to deliver on the print buyer’s expectations. I am just glad to see that adopters of digital print for packaging have a venue to learn about all of the advantages of the technology, and all of the methods to get the most out of it.

Interested in Digital Workflows?

The X-Rite team of color experts will be onsite to demo and discuss how their industry-leading instruments can help your unique business implement a color-managed workflow. Visit them in booth #3  to learn more.  In addition, mention this email and receive a free Fundamental Guide to Color Process Control when you visit the booth.