Offsite Reception at Living Seas Salon – Sponsored by CAD BLU

Offsite Reception at Living Seas Salon – Sponsored by CAD BLU

Motor Coaches will depart from Coronado Springs Conference Center Porte Cochere at 6:30pm, Tuesday, June 4th.  

Guests will arrive Backstage to the reception venue, the Living Seas Salon at Epcot at 7:00pm. The cocktail reception will provide heavy hors d’oeuvres and bar, and will be held in the salon until 8:30pm. Guests will then be escorted to the Italy Isola viewing area. At Italy Isola guests will be provided desserts to enjoy while watching the magical IllumiNations show.

Guests will then be escorted back to the backstage Living Seas Salon to meet the motor coach and head back to the hotel at approximately 9:30pm. If guests need to leave back to the resort early or are not able to walk to Italy Isola, a motor coach is available for transportation.

Guests must travel on the motor coach if they wish to attend, a resort shuttle or private transportation will not be able to access the backstage area where the reception is hosted. Guests do not have full park access but will be escorted to and from the salon and show viewing area.


Living Seas Salon

*All attendees of Digital Print Week are welcome to attend this offiste reception*