Digital Print for Packaging US | Day 3

Day 3 | June 6, 2018

Registration and Remarks

  1. Exhibit Hall and Registration Opens

  2. Welcome: Jena Stout, Conference Producer – Smithers Pira

Session V: Individualizing Your Brand with Digital Print

Moderated by Liz Logue, Senior Director Corporate Business Development, EFI

With the growing trend of personalizing merchandise, the demand for short runs at an affordable price has brought digital print to the forefront of printed packaging. In this session, solution providers, brands and converters will discuss successful marketing campaigns that were made possible through the integration of digital print. 

  1. The Millennial/GenZ Factor: How are they Transforming how Brands Market?

    Doris Brown-McNally | Global Brands Business Innovation Manager of HP Inc.

    Millennials have surpassed baby boomers to become the largest generation in U.S. history.  Millennials are taking over the workforce as we move through the 21st century, with current figures suggesting there are over 80 million millennials in the United States, a staggering quarter of the total population.

    Generation Z is widely recognized as the next consumer powerhouse. Now all 22 or younger, Gen-Zers are expected to account for about 40 percent of all consumers by 2020.      

    As a result, the Millennial/GenZ generations have a significant influence on the decisions made by consumer goods manufacturers. Not only are they a driving force behind a changing product mix, but their purchase decisions are prompting manufacturers to differentiate their brands with creative and unique packaging. Of course, these demands place significant challenges on brand owners as they work to stay ahead of a curve, beset by a generation attuned to instant gratification.

    Join us for an informative industry presentation on the latest digital printing trends, and hear how companies like Coca-Cola, Mondelez/Oreo, L'Oreal, Kraft, Budweiser, and others have leveraged Digital Package Printing innovations into successful, profitable and reliable outcomes.

  2. Mondelēz International Campaign Case Studies

    Charles Halgren | Sr. Assoc. Principal Packaging Engineer of RDQI Packaging, Mondelēz International

    This presentation will cover recent case studies of Mondelēz digital campaigns both domestically, and internationally. It will conclude with future outlook, and goals for digital integration on future campaigns. 

  3. Digital Print for Mass Customization: Case Study – Folded Carton

    Speakers include: Rick Mazur, WW Director Market Development-Packaging/Labels, Eastman Kodak, Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division and Ed Zumiel, President, Zumbiel Packaging

    Brands and converters have been experimenting with various digital print capabilities to understand and explore the market potential, and demonstrating added value.  Challenges related to production throughput and higher cost of print have created hurdles that have been difficult to overcome.  Mr. Mazur will review Kodak’s digital inkjet technology and how the Prosper Technology is minimizing these challenges. 

    Ed Zumbiel, President of Zumbiel Packaging, presented in 2016 about his decision to “Go Digital” last year with PROSPER 6000S hybrid, will now provide an update of his company’s digital transformation journey and the benefits for Zumbiel and its clients in the folding carton market.

  4. Rebranding Made Possible Through Digital Print

    Chuck Slingerland | Vice President Sales, Digital Operations of Abbott-Action, Inc.

    With millions of brands battling for shelf space on a daily basis, companies have to continue to improve and re-shape their packaging. High-impact graphics that reinforces the brand’s equity is essential to their sales success. The presentation will detail how Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt introduced their brand redesign using Digital Printing.

  5. Morning Networking Break

Session VI: Opportunities for Digital Print in E-Commerce Packaging

Moderator: Ford Bowers, President and CEO, SGIA 

The E-Commerce distribution channel is fast developing from a niche to a volume application. This is presenting technical challenges for the packaging industry in terms of functional designs and protection. As such, new opportunities are emerging for digital print in E-Commerce packaging and retailing. This  session will provide information on this growing market, as well as provide the brand owners perspective on the use of digital print in this rapidly growing landscape. 

  1. The E-Commerce Packaging Hurdle


    Robert Seay

    While once a fringe part of overall retail sales, eCommerce is now a substantial portion of overall retail sales, it is projected to continue grow double digits for years to come, and cannot be ignored going forward.  Digital print already plays a part in basic eCommerce packaging.  As brands/retailers evolve their eCommerce strategy and brand/marketing needs, the opportunities for print in general to help will be there.  However, there are many challenges in how to deliver the desired print to meet the brand/marketing needs.  Digital print technology and its emerging capabilities uniquely position it to provide significant added value

  2. From Shelf to Porch, Creating Brand Love Through Packaging

    Mary Ann Geers | Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy of GPA Specialty Substrate Solutions

    As retail brick and mortar stores continue to decline, what are the opportunities for Brands to extend their reach to the consumers who purchase on-line?

    We will discuss the marketplace trends that are causing the shift in consumer habits. Within the shift, we will discuss the avenues that Brands have to create consumer awareness and loyalty in crowded arena of on-line shopping.

    We will discuss the need for the Brands to create impact and Brand Love the at the moment of truth for the consumer which is now on their porch? Discuss current packaging trends to help create a lasting Brand Loyalty and ensure repeat sale

  3. Opportunities for Digital Print in E-Commerce Packaging

    Karen English | Market Development Manager of Printpack

    Consumer preferences are evolving rapidly, so it is important that CPGs and suppliers are able to respond swiftly. Competition is high, margins are shrinking, the demand for innovation is fierce, and standing out on a shelf is difficult. Consumer desires are wide ranging - from unique flavors, to new packaging formats, to multiple distribution channels. Digital printing gives companies the ability to evaluate different flavors and packaging formats before settling on the most effective. Our discussion will focus on the flexibility that digital printing allows companies in order to optimize a product for the most enhanced consumer experience.

  4. Networking Lunch

Session VII: Digital Print Innovations

Moderator: Debbie Thorp, Business Development Director, Global Inkjet Systems, Ltd.

This session will include discussions on advancements in digital print. It will cover cost driver developments, improvements on ink, machine capability, speed, and global imprint of digital. It will also include discussions on what we have to look forward to in the digital print for packaging landscape. 

  1. Ink Developments for all Applications

    Moderator: Debbie Thorp, Global Inkjet Systems. Panelists include: agfa Graphics, and Sun Chemical

    This panel will cover inks for various packaging applications, and their performance capabilities, as well as cost saving developments, color advancements, speed to market and more.

  2. One Company’s “Digital Journey” into Single Pass Direct Print onto Corrugated

    Ben Ginesi, Managing Director, HSG Packaging Ltd and Sean Moloney, Global Product Manager; Digital, SUN Automation Group

    This presentation is for companies thinking of entering digital technology for corrugated. Paul will moderate, as Ben explains the personnel issues (office, sales, design, etc.) in his company and even training the customers to understand the needed information to print their products.

  3. Closing Remarks and Farewell