Digital Print for Packaging US | Day 2

Day 2 | June 5, 2018

Registration and Opening Welcome Remarks

  1. Registration and Exhibit Hall Opens

  2. Welcome and Opening Remarks

    Jena Stout, Conference Producer – Smithers Pira

Session I: Digital Print for Packaging: A Market Overview

Moderator: Sean Smyth, Consultant, Smithers Pira

This session will cover the current state of digital print for packaging and forecasts for the future. Speakers will address the expansion of digital print from its inception to today, and discuss the segments that are seeing the greatest expansion. The session will conclude with a presentation from Nestle on setting the industry standard for food compliance, and how those on the digital print supply side can rise to meet the challenge. 


  1. Setting the Scene

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

    After the 2016 drupa launches the new high performance presses are being installed, with new applications breaking into mainstream corrugated, carton and flexible packaging. 

    This introduction to digital in packaging will focus on:

    • Packaging - what it is, why it is important.  Consider the functions and changing capabilities, primary, secondary & tertiary.
    • Applications - food, pharma, cosmetics, tobacco, household, general, electronics.  Specific requirements for different sectors.
    • Changing packaging supply chains, pain points and pressures. 
    • Changing drivers for packaging 
    • Market data - penetration of digital into corrugated, cartons, flexible, direct-to-rigids, metal decorating as well as labels. 
    • Key technology developments
    • Key equipment manufacturers, narrow web, webfed, sheetfed, print-in-the-round, custom systems.  Inkjet integrated into conversion systems.
    • Key issue - how does digital fit into the packaging infrastructure, what is needed to make a useful system.
  2. Applications of Digital Print

    Debbie Thorp | Business Development Director of Global Inkjet Systems Ltd

    An overview of the current market of digital print for packaging with an emphasis on advancements in corrugated and Flex Film. This presentation will cover machine and inking capabilities.

  3. The Process Stages to Successful Digital Printing

    Jan Duffhues | Founder & CEO of Jan Duffhues Printed Packaging Consultancy

    This lecture will give you an inside on how to translate a creative idea into optimal industrial printed consumer packaging, while using the digital print technique. The route will give you guidance on how to compare the traditional print techniques and give you direction on how to successfully introduce the new generation of digital printing, in your own environment.

  4. Food Safety Compliance for Packaging

    Douglas Copen | Packaging Safety Specialist of Nestle

    Doug will address the key challenges in food safety packaging. He will also discuss the advancements Nestle has made in setting the industry standards for food packaging safety. The presentation will conclude with a brief overview of a successful digital print application that nestle has put into practice. 

  5. Morning Networking Break

Session II: Changing the Marketplace

Moderator: Tom Cooper, R&D Manager Digital Printing, WestRock 

We’ve seen how digital print can assist in delighting costumers with superior packaging aesthetics and in creating brand recognition in packaging. But how do we move digital print into broad acceptance? How does consumer demand disrupt the print supply chain and create new manufacturing needs? This session will discuss the challenges in implementing digital print and how to overcome them. 

  1. Change the Habit of Buyers with Purpose-Driven Messaging

    Fran Biderman-Gross | CEO and President of Advantages

    During this presentation, Fran will demonstrate how to change the habit of buyers through inspired messaging that builds a loyal fan base. So, what’s the key, the secret sauce? Well, it’s speaking from your “Why”, your purpose. 

    Takeaways from this presentation include: 

    • How to go from manipulative marketing to inspired marketing that will create a loyal fan base
    • How to apply Simon Sinek's WHY/Golden Circle principles to your messaging
    • How companies can use their WHY to increase audience engagement and user experience
  2. Strategic Moves and How to Create Value with Digital Print

    Kevin Kohler | VP, Client Engagement Americas of Schawk

    • Educating your sales team and clients on the value driver of digital print.
    • Connecting the value of digital print to other sales channels 
  3. Panel: Breaking Barriers in Digital Adoption

    Moderated by Fran Biderman, Founder & CEO, Advantages. Panelists include PMMI Media, ConAgra Foods and Unilever R&D

    This panel will discuss the key factors holding CPGs back from digital adoption, and what the supply side can do to break down these barriers. Panel members will have 10 minutes each to discuss the various obstacles in integration, and how progress can effectively be made for broad acceptance.

  4. Networking Lunch

Session III: Digital Print Workflow and Operations

Moderated by: Ford Bowers, President and CEO, SGIA

This session will cover the day to day operations and structures of digital print. 

  1. Collaboration is key to Moving the Industry Forward

    Tom Cooper | R&D Manager Digital Printing of WestRock

    Abstract to come

  2. Data Drives Operational Excellence

    John P. Sweeney | Business Development Director of SpencerMetrics LLC

    Applying the latest technology to improve print operations is not "rocket science". Harnessing big data from the shop floor as well as digital printing equipment can be the basis of powerful analytics that identify opportunities to improve workflow; improve staff communication, motivation, and training; reduce waste; improve uptime; improve productivity and reduce cost. Recent PIA white papers noted that increasing productivity is three times more important than equipment purchase price, “...productivity driven by automation, innovation, and technology-embedded equipment drives down costs and increases financial performance.” Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) like OEE monitor progress.

    Bullet Points: Without data there are just many opinions. Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, etc. are more than buzz words. Advanced technologies can be applied to Printing. Printing is a form of Manufacturing – share the learning OEE combines Availability, Quality, and Performance into a single KPI to track over time. 

  3. Designing for Digital

    Liz Logue | Senior Director Corporate Business Development of EFI, US

    • Digital opens up endless design possibilities for packaging
    • Cost/Pricing are much different in analog and digital
    • If you design with digital in mind you can leverage the value of digital, at analog prices
  4. Panel: End-to-End Color Control in a Digital Workflow

    Moderated by SGIA. Panelists include: X-Rite Pantone, and ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions

    Panelists Include:

    • Mark Gundlach, Solution Architect, X-Rite Pantone
    • Thomas Kirschner, CEO & Founder, ColorGATE  Digital Output Solutions
  5. Panel: Food Safety Packaging: Ink and Equipment

    Moderator: Ron Osborn, Principal Scientist, Packaging Compliance, Mars-Wrigley. Panelists include EFI and HP

    This panel will discuss direct food contact packaging and migration issues and solutions from the perspectives of two equipment suppliers and a CPG.  

  6. Afternoon Networking Break