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Day Two: October 14, 2020

Day Two | Oct. 14

Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens

  1. Registration Opens & Continental Breakfast

  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks

Session VI: Sustainability and Innovation

With the growing desire for sustainable packaging, speakers in this session will discuss what they are doing to make their packaging more sustainable, and how their designs are incorporating more innovations.

  1. The Digital Printing Advantage: Serialized Barcodes to Reduce Impact of Recalls

    Jay Sperry | Platform Evangelist of Digimarc

    Consumer brands today cannot afford to engage in massive recalls from mislabeling and other manufacturing errors. Discarding entire product runs is costly, wasteful and impacts a brand’s reputation. Manufacturing mishaps are compelling brands to explore alternatives to traditional visual 2D codes for component parts matching and other behind-the-scenes processes.

    A new alternative is an imperceptible, serialized barcode for digital printing technologies, which helps brands accurately track and authentic problem products, without having to resort to blind recalls. Digimarc Barcode is a machine-readable code that carries the same data as Data Matrix or other symbologies. It is repeated across the entire surface of a package, label or clamshell, as well as each component part, promoting more reliable scanning on the inspection line.

    Discover how to digitally-print and QC Digimarc Barcode and begin offering your premedia and consumer brand clients serialized packaging and labels that can help them reduce product waste, promote sustainability and save money.

  2. Panel : What does the sustainable future look like for digital printing and packaging?

    Panelists coming soon!

  3. Recyclability testing

    Abstract and Speaker to come!

  4. Networking & Coffee Break

Session VII: Digital Print & E-Commerce – The Generation of Personalized Packaging

Digital printing makes it easier to customize packaging and add personalization at a faster rate. The growing trend of wanting personalized or custom packaging has created an opportunity for brand marketing to get consumers to identify with a brand. [ People relate to stories and when products can be presented in a story-like way, they become irresistible to consumers. ]

  1. Leveraging Digital Print Production to Create One-of-a-Kind Consumer Experiences

    Richard Brown | President of The BoxMaker and

    Choosing digital print for your next corrugated box or display project is just one part of fully leveraging this exciting technology. Automated digital print workflows allow brands to easily order and manage personalized packaging projects that engage consumers in a one-to-one conversation.

  2. Presentation To Be Confirmed

    Speaker and Abstract to come!

  3. Presentation To Be Confirmed

    Speaker and Abstract to come!

  4. Networking Lunch

Session VIII: Designing for Digital Print – Challenges and Lessons Learned

Designing for digital print can bring its own challenges including color matching and sometimes several rounds of changes. This session will address these challenges, including lessons learned and how designers, inks and packaging companies can work together to better the design process.

  1. Throw out the printing plates and cutlery - we're having digital for dinner

    Throw on your bibs as we dig into the juicy opportunities and challenges of digital printing in the realm of food and beverage packaging. We'll discuss the ways you can ensure the integrity of design from the very first concept thru to production, as well as best practices working with your press-man-or-woman-or person. Now, doesn't that sound delicious?

  2. Packaging Design Challenges

    Abstract and Speaker to come!

  3. Presentation To Be Confirmed

    Speaker and Abstract to come!

  4. Packaging and Label requirements for Cannabis Packaging

    Abstract and speaker to come!   

  5. Closing Remarks and pre-drupa predictions based on presentations throughout the conference: Sean Smyth, Consultant, Smithers