How UPS sees 3D printing changing the manufacturing supply chain

UPS's On Demand 3D Printing Capabilities: A Solution for Supply Chain Management

At this year's 3D Printing for Industrial Applications, Charlie Covert, Vice President of Customer Solutions at UPS will present a case study on how UPS uses 3D printing technologies in manufacturing. As the first nationwide retailer to offer 3D Printing services in store, Covert will share how innovation has provided new solutions for the supply chain and manufacturing customers of all sizes during the Market Overview session. This on-demand network made 3D printing accessible to a larger audience of potential users, allowing them to use this technology before investing on a larger scale.

Additional presentations in the Market Overview session includes 3DLT's presentation on Evaluating the Economics of 3D Printing in Industrial Applications.

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Meet the Speaker: Charlie Covert, Vice President of Customer Solutions, UPS

Charlie Covert is Vice President, Customer Solutions.  In this capacity, he is responsible for supply chain design, sustainability, and consulting for the high tech, aerospace, government, professional services, industrial manufacturing, and automotive sectors.  Charlie works with UPS customers to understand their supply chain strategy as it supports their business strategy.  He then leads development of strategic and tactical alternatives, evaluation of business cases that drive customer value, and execution of the selected strategy. 

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