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Growing tools and materials drive 3D printing's expansion, says new Smithers Apex white paper

Increasing buyer interest is driving new developments in equipment and materials for 3D printing, according to a new white paper from Smithers Apex. The Industry Insight, “Focus on: 3D Printing,” looks at the developments in materials, tools and applications driving this emerging market.

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As well as introducing new printers of their own, new entrants in the equipment market will maneuver to buy up expertise or partner with 3D printer makers in order to take advantage of market opportunities, the report indicates.

On the materials side of the business, plastics are expected to soar to more than four times the market current size by 2019 with new and more robust polymers poised to grab market share.

The Industry Insight “Focus on: 3D Printing” by Smithers Apex also covers how this leading-edge technology can both enhance and displace existing production techniques. The white paper is produced by the Smithers Apex expert digital publishing team and outlines the current state of the market, innovative 3D printing applications, potential threats and other market dynamics that will help bring the future of 3D printing into focus.

In the next five years, 3D printing will continue to change manufacturing techniques in aerospace, automotive, medical, dental and other industries. Learn more about this future technology in our informative Industry Insight on 3D printing.