Digital Print for Packaging Europe 2017 - Sponsors and Exhibitors

adphos Digital Printing GmbH (ADP) were founded in 2009 after reorganization. The focus of the company lies in applications of thermal processes for drying and heating and the distribution of standard components. adphos can also offer the design and engineering of special purpose machines. Our target is, to provide our customers with optimum solutions and provide them with high added value output. Therefore, the needs and requirements of our customers always have priority.

adphosNIR® is one of the fastest growing drying technologies for ink jet printing and coating particularly for water based applications. adphos have pioneered the technology and enhanced its output to provide a very high power density into the ink or coating film leaving the paper and plastic substrate largely unaffected by this energy. The high power density found at this particular wave length drives out the water (or solvent) very rapidly ensuring that the print or coating is dry within a very small foot print. This ensures that production machinery can include an efficient drying system without taking excessive amounts of machinery or shop floor space.