Digital Textile Printing US | Day 2

Day 2 | June 7, 2019

Registration & Welcome

Registration & Exhibit Hall Open

  1. Registration & Welcome | Exhibit Hall Opens

  2. Welcome & Opening Remarks

    Jena Stout, Conference Producer - Smithers Pira

Session V: Technical Advances in Digital Textile Printing

This session will cover color management, finishing and fabrics  

  1. Beyond Color Management

    Ron Ciccone | Director of Digital Service, Dreamscape Division of Roysons Corporation

    Delivering the color the customer expects is not always as simple sending a file through a calibrated workflow. Since the beginning of color reproduction, color distortions, real and subjective, have plagued not only color imaging technology but literally every industry that has attempted to duplicate color across different media. This discussion does not attempt to deliver a universal solution to the production of the color your customer expects, but hopefully will help discover some pathways to achieving acceptable color more efficiently. This means less anxiety, ultimately, better customer retention.

  2. The Future of Color Management for Textiles by HP Inc.

    HP Inc. + Client


    • Timothy M. Mitchell, HP Inc. + Client 

    We will look some of the innovations in color management for textiles and how those innovations have changed the way textiles are printed. We will discuss closed-loop ink restrictions, linearization, global ink limits, and ICC profiles and how they work together to create color consistency and accuracy on a variety of textiles. We will also discuss Pantone color matching.

  3. Panel: Technical Advancements in Fabrics

    Aberdeen Fabrics, Cotton Inc. and Top Value Fabrics

     This panel will continue last year’s discussion on developments in textile materials for all  applications. 

    • Best fabrics for each sector
    • Color advancements and challenges
    • Simplifying workflow

    Panelists include:

    • Ken Bach, Business Development Director, Aberdeen Fabrics
    • Katelyn Lee, Specialty Applications Chemist, Textile Chemistry Research, Cotton Incorporated
    • Mike Sanders, Director of Printable Textiles & Finishing Technology, Top Value Fabrics
  4. Networking Break

Session VI: The Future of Digital Print for Textiles

Emerging Players, Sustainability and forecasts for the future

  1. From Disruptor to Market Standard

    Jason Fannin, Account Manager, Sensient

    Jason will discuss the emergence of digital printing in the mainstream, industry sustainability standards and novel application developments. 

  2. Closing Keynote - Coming Soon!

  3. Closing Remarks and Farewell