Digital Textile Printing US | Day 1

Day 1 | June 7, 2018

Registration and Opening Welcome Remarks

  1. Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens

  2. Welcome: Jena Stout, Conference Producer, Smithers Pira

Session I: A Market Overview: Digital Print for Textiles

This session will include an overview of the digital textile landscape, and a keynote address from a leading retail brand discussing the advantages, and challenges of moving into digital. 

Moderated by: Meagan Tyler,  Product Merchandising Manager, Colosseum Athletics

  1. Setting the Scene

    Dr. Paul N Ewing | Associate Consultant of Smithers Pira

    • Future outlook and 5 year forecast
    • Digital textile printing by substrate
    • Digital textile printing by print technology
    • Digital textile printing by end use
    • Digital textile printing by geographic region
  2. Keynote Presentation: Kornit Digital and Fanatics Inc., Discuss Advancements in Digital Textile Graphics

    Tim Brule, VP of Disruptive Technologies, Fanatics Branded, Inc. and Omer Kulka, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy, Kornit Digital

    Kornit Digital, together with  leading sports apparel brand Fanatics, present a case study in advancements in digital textile graphics, and the “must haves” for competing at the highest level of the constantly-evolving retail market, adapting to purchasing and consumer behaviors, needs, and trends.

  3. Digital Print Gives Emerging Designers a Chance to Build a Brand

    Sanjeev Menon | Founder and CEO of

    We believe that art, creativity and imagination are the soul of this earth. Giving your creative spark the chance to flourish is why StitchMob exists. Our unique production system and platform provides the sets of tools and resources to turn your thoughts into things. By maximizing the benefits of market disrupters such as digital print, StitchMob was able to give emerging designers a chance to build, and create, without the unmanageable costs of mass production. During this presentation, I will share StitchMob’s journey into beta, how we were able to create a new workflow for young talent, and the endless possibilities that digital print brings to the fashion ecosystem.

  4. Morning Networking Break

Session II: Innovations in Digital Print for Textiles

Through two focused presentations from end use companies, and a fabrics panel, this session will bring together industry leaders to discuss their roles in the digital textile printing process, and what is being done to meet the needs of the industry. Speakers will discuss a wide range of topics from advancements in capabilities to key innovations being seen across sectors in fabrics, inks and equipment. 

Moderator: Liz Logue, Senior Director Corporate Business Development, EFI

  1. Where We’ve Been, Where we are and Where we are Going

    Speakers Include: Steve Smith, Founder & Visionary, DPInnovations & Michelle Francis, Director and Co-founder, Frankie and Swiss

    Leveraging the IoT to build an online, on-demand, ‘pull’ based technology service that delivers more than just ‘dumb’ products. You’ll be presented with a detailed explanation of tomorrows B2A(anyone) website that satisfies the needs of both consumers and professionals with innovative tools and functionality. Steve Smith of DPInnovations will be joined by Michelle Francis of Frankie and Swiss, a DPInnovations client, who will provide firsthand knowledge of the obstacles and challenges encountered when building a sophisticated, yet easy to use, eCommerce site for their clients. You’ll take away an understanding of how a virtual product can be marketed, sold, then manufactured and delivered in a seamlessly automated manner.

  2. Digital Textile Printing in E-Commerce

    Gart Davis | CEO & Co-founder of Spoonflower

    Digital printing has opened the door for growth in the ecommerce sector, by providing an opportunity for consumers to customize, and design with a click of a button. During this presentation, Gart will discuss the early development of creating a successful e-commerce brand, advancements of digital print in fabrics, and how digital is rapidly becoming the solution of choice in the fabrics landscape.

  3. Panel: Technical Advancements in Fabrics Moderator: Adrienne Palmer, Editor-in-Chief, Big Picture Magazine

    Panelists include: Cotton, Inc., Top Value Fabrics, and Aberdeen Fabrics

    Discussions will be around:

    • Best fabrics for each sector
    • Color advancements and challenges
    • Simplifying workflow
  4. Afternoon Networking Lunch

Track 1 | Apparel & Home Decor

Workflow Developments in Digital Textile Printing Session III: Apparel & Home Decor

Moderator: Katelyn Lee, Specialty Applications Chemist, Textile Chemistry Research, Cotton Incorporated

  1. Market Overview – Key Developments in Apparel and Home Décor

    Paolo Torricella | Sales Segment Specialist for Digital Textile of EFI Reggiani

    This presentation will focus on the apparel and home décor opportunities for digital printing. It will

    open with a market overview of this sector, and explore developments in equipment capabilities,

    advancements in software and inkjet, and new players in the industry.

  2. Inkjet Capabilities for Fabrics and Home Décor

    Fabio Gromo | Executive Sales Manager of Durst

    Fabio will discuss inkjet technology that provides the solution to the current challenges faced by the textile industry: increased flexibility, greater productivity, higher efficiency, better print quality, more designs, more colors and a greater margin as a result.  At the same time, high-performance multi-pass inkjet technology reduces production costs, production time, the amount of energy required and the burden on the environment, in comparison to traditional production methods

  3. Advancements in Printing Equipment

    Randy Anderson | Product Marketing Manager for Textiles of MUTOH AMERICA INC.

    This presentation will discuss recent innovations and challenges with digital printing equipment

    in the apparel and home décor markets. It will also address what can be learned from each sector,

    and how digital printing equipment manufacturers are pushing forward in creating a “one stop-shop”

    for all printing applications. 

  4. Afternoon Networking Break

  5. Fast to Market

    Jos Notermans | Commercial Manager-Digital Textiles of SPGPrints

    The world in fashion is changing. Decades back we had 4 seasons for implementing fashion while many big fashion brands now have the opportunity to have new clothes on the shelves every 3 weeks. Buying online home decor with your own photo or custom specific design will be shipped within 48 hours. What are we demanding and how we can produce it that fast? I will discuss the driving factors in digital textile printing, as well as how fast fashion mega giants like H&M are turning out new designs at record speeds.

  6. The Apparel Development Ecosystem – digital design is at your doorstep

    Yoram Burg | Regional Sales Director, US & Canada of EFI Optitex

    With the great challenges to brands and retailers as we have recently come to learn, some of the players in the retail space are struggling, others are experiencing consecutive quarters of significant growth. What separates them? What are the growth engines and processes required in this changing times? What will drive successful brands in the future? Discover this and what the textile ecosystem is all about, and what tools are available for you today to stay ahead of the changing retail times.

  7. Closing Remarks For The Day

  8. Evening Networking Reception

Track 2 | Soft Signage

Workflow Developments in Digital Textile Printing Session III: Soft Signage

Moderator: David Brewer, Vice President of Technology, Image Options

  1. Market Overview – The Evolving Market of Soft Signage- Key Developments

    Timothy Mitchell | HP Latex Solution Architect, HP Sign & Décor, Americas Region of HP

    This presentation will introduce the soft signage market with a market overview of developments in equipment capabilities, advancements in software and inking, and new players in the industry. 

  2. Soft Signage Markets - Build It, and They Will Only Come If They Can Find You

    Kirk Green | CEO and President of Ferrari Color and

    Companies increasingly use digital textile soft signage for their messaging.  Fabric graphics are utilized to promote and sell a wide variety of products and services.  The market for graphic production is growing.  How do producers of soft signage meet eager customers? 

    It is the customer that allows producers to create stunning imagery on fabrics.  While considering the beauty, flexibility and efficiency of soft signage, this section explores how these products are marketed.  We will look at traditional marketing approaches, while emphasizing more current, online communication.  With over thirty years of experience, Ferrari Color has a keen digital perspective. Additionally, its sister company has created a strong growth pattern exclusively as a web based operation.

  3. Soft Signage Drives Growth in Digital Fabric Printing

    Peter Valinski | Sales Director of JK Group USA, Inc.

    The growing demand for soft signage is evident in retail settings, within POP displays, in trade show environments, and even in the entertainment industry for set backdrops and props. This growth is presenting new opportunities for digital print to expand its reach in many sectors. This presentation will explore how equipment manufacturers are rising to meet the needs of the soft signage industry, and addressing the end user demand for dye sublimation printers that are technologically advanced, easy to use and affordable.

  4. Afternoon Networking Break

  5. When Automation rimes with profitability – How equipment choice can help your bottom line

    Christina Lefebvre | Area Sales Manager for North America of Matic S.A.

    Automation is a buzzword we’ve been hearing for some time now.  Every major industry has turned to automation in order to increase productivity and profitability.  How can the print industry hop on the automation bandwagon?  Everywhere we hear about the increase in minimum wage salary, how is this going to affect your business?  What if automation was part of the answer?  In this session, you will learn about automated finishing technologies (cutting, welding and sewing) and how they will help eliminate human errors, reprints and long lead times – Turning your prints into profit. 

  6. Software Developments for Soft Signage

    Frederic Soulier | Chief Technology Officer of Caldera

    Soft signage represents a fast-growing opportunity for a lot of large format printers but it also comes with a great deal of challenges for companies with no experience in that market segment: requirement for more skilled labor, more complex production processes, higher learning curve and more challenges to control quality and maintain colors over times. So, what are the considerations businesses should have before introducing display graphics printed on a textile and more specifically how advancements in software solutions and automation tools could help?    

  7. Closing Remarks For The Day

  8. Evening Networking Reception