Digital Textile Printing US | Day 1

Day 1 | June 6, 2019

Registration & Welcome

Registration & Welcome

  1. Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens

  2. Opening Remarks

    Conference Producer, Smithers

Session I: The Digital Age of Textiles: How Digital Print is Changing the Textiles Landscape

Moderator: Meagan Tyler, Product Merchandising Manager, Colosseum Athletics

During the opening session of Digital Print for Textiles, three keynote speakers will examine how digital print for textiles is revolutionizing the retailing landscape. Speakers will discuss various topics from fabric R&D, and color standards, to the evolving market of print on-on-demand.

  1. Keynote – B goes C: How Vapor Apparel moves markets with Digital Print-On-Demand

    Chris Bernat | Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder of Vapor Apparel

    Five years ago, Vapor Apparel was 98% B-to-B. Today the company pulls over 35% of its revenue from B-to-C and it keeps on growing. Co-Founder, Chris Bernat will talk about how digital print-on-demand and Vapor’s B-to-B team transformed over that period to become the #1 rated product in its Amazon category

  2. The Expanding Market of Digital Textile Printing

    John Otsuki | Co-Founder and CEO of Creative Cause Solutions, Inc.

    • Abstract to come!
  3. How Digital Print Enabled Artistic Freedom

    Aubrey Roemer | Visual Artist of Aubrey Roemer, LLC

    Abstract coming soon!

  4. Networking Break

Session II: Innovations in Digital Print for Textiles

Moderator: Katelyn Lee, Specialty Applications Chemist, Textile Chemistry Research, Cotton Incorporated

Speakers will discuss a wide range of topics from advancements in capabilities to key innovations being seen across sectors in fabrics, inks and equipment. 

  1. Singe Pass Inkjet Accelerates Digital Adoption

    Liz Logue | Sr. Director of Corporate Business Development of EFI

    Liz will discuss the EFI’s launch of their new single pass machine, leading to new opportunities in digital adoption

  2. Innovations in Ink Developments

    Eric Beyeler | Global Marketing Manager for Artistri® Digital Inks of DuPont Advanced Printing

    Ink jet ink technology is a key growth enabler to the Digital Textile printing industry.  As the textile printing industry goes digital, demands for improved performance and productivity are increasing especially in the following critical areas: brighter colors, improved durability, consistent printing reliability & lowest environmental impact.   The presentation will discuss how to meet this challenge through ink jet ink technology innovation.

  3. Lunch Break

Session III: The Commercialization of Digital Print for Textiles: Soft Signage

Moderator: Liz Logue, Senior Director Corporate Business Development, EFI

Through focused case studies in end-use applications, speakers and their clients will discuss market drivers and technology advancements in Soft Signage

  1. Dye-Sublimation to New Heights

    Co-presenting: Durst Image Technology + Image Mill


    • Mike Syverson, Textile Manager, Durst Image Technology U.S.
    • Scott Minette, President, Image Mill

    Together with their client, Image Mill, Durst will discuss advancements in digital printing for the soft signage market, and share case studies in recent commercial applications

  2. Software Developments for Soft Signage

    Ben Armor | Regional Sales and Service Director Americas of Caldera

    Soft signage is a strong opportunity for many large format printers but it also presents a great deal of challenges for companies with no experience in that market segment: requirement for more skilled labor, more complex production processes, higher learning curve and more challenges to control quality and maintain colors over time. So, what are the considerations businesses should have before adding textile printed products to their portfolio and more specifically how advancements in software solutions and automation tools could help?    

  3. Commercialization through Streamlined Workflow

    David Lopez | Textile Application Specialist of Mimaki

    We will integrate our workflow solutions into the talk track focused on how Mimaki Printers and Pre/Post Finishing Devices can be leveraged with Mimaki IoT initiatives to streamline processes globally while reducing production bottlenecks

  4. Networking Break

Session IV: The Commercialization of Digital Print for Textiles: Apparel + Home Decor

Moderator: Meagan Tyler, Product Merchandising Manager, Colosseum Athletics

Through focused case studies in end-use applications, speakers and their clients will discuss market drivers and technology advancements in Apparel + Home Décor

  1. Digital Print for Sports Wear and Retailing

    MS Printing Solutions + Pettenati Central America


    • Ivan Carrozzo, Americas Sales Manager, MS Printing Solutions
    • Francesco Pilenga, General Manager, Pettenati Central America

    Ivan and his retailer client will examine digital print direct to fabric printing for sportswear and fashion in the commercial sector and yet to be released. 

  2. Digitally Connected Micro-Factories in an On Demand World

    Lenny Marano | Vice President, Product Management & Marketing, Automation Systems of Gerber Technology

    To survive and thrive in today's "see now, buy now" world, manufacturers need to digitize their process and operate in a lean and agile fashion. Digitalization is empowering the ability for purchase-activated, on-demand manufacturing, allowing brand owners to respond to demand vs. producing to supply. 

    Regardless if you're personalized, customized, or short run apparel, efficiency is dependent on seamlessly passing and managing data in an automated production environment. In this presentation, we'll discuss how microfactories are changing the face of the apparel markets with workflows that connect design through printing and finishing production. Our presenters will outline critical considerations for implementing a microfactory and scaling your infrastructure to take advantage of both local and cloud based tools while customizing production worklfows to fit your business. 

  3. Digital Hybrid and Variable Data

    Michelle Moxley | Innovation Director of The M&R Companies

    Digital Hybrid printing is a union between analog screen-printing and traditional digital direct-to garment printing, two of the most common embellishment technologies in use today.  DTG and screen-print have their own unique strengths, with DTG capable of printing short run quantities with minimal make ready, while screen-print offers high production speed with price competitive consumables that make it the ideal choice for high volume production. Digital Hybrid is a digital enhancement to screen printing. Users can decrease setup times and achieve consistency with the digital print aspect. Hybrid uniquely offers variable data options, creating endless customizations, like DTG, with the added ability of screen print specific capabilities.  Analog screen print setups can be costly and time consuming. Only high print volumes absorb the setup cost. In today’s market, run sizes are trending smaller and smaller requiring more efficiency to amortize setup. Hybrid printing harnesses the strength of both print technologies to create a unique capability for short to medium volume production.

  4. Closing Remarks

    Jena Stout, Conference Producer - Smithers Pira

  5. Onsite Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall