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Day Two: October 16, 2020

*Session and presentation dates and time are subject to change

Day Two

Registration & Exhibit Hall Opens

  1. Registration & Exhibit Hall Open

  2. Opening Remarks

Session VI: Personalization and E-Commerce – How is this changing on demand production?

This session will cover the growing trend of millennials wanting everything personalized and buying more and more online rather than in store. This session will address how companies are adopting personalization with digital print and how this has impacted their business.   

Moderator: Katie Thompson, Supplier Quality Engineer, Vera Bradley

  1. New Colors for Fashion, Home & Interiors and Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2021

    Speaker and Abstract to Come!

  2. The end-to-end workflow for textiles, from design to print

    Mike Scrutton | Director – Print Technology and Strategy of Adobe

    In order to improve efficiency in the supply chain, we need to expand our vision to include the role of the designer. A number of technologies are available, from tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator through file exchange standards such as QTX, CxF and PDF. Come and hear how color standards can be introduced during the design process and see what Adobe is doing to connect the world of print design to the execution of print manufacturing.

  3. Design Your Own with WeaveUp

    Flint Davis | President of weaveup

    Abstract Coming Soon!

  4. Customized and Quick-to-Market

    Jena Nesbitt | Product Strategy Director of Pine Crest Fabrics

    Digital printing has impacted the ability of small manufacturers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands to develop trend right textile designs quickly and inexpensively through digital printing methods. At Pine Crest Fabrics, we assist our wholesale buyers by offering an extensive open library of designs that can be personalized and applied to a variety of base fabrics. We have seen digital printing help to reduce waste in the product development process and allow companies to make smart line-plan decisions through shorter lead times, allowing for quick sample making and concept testing on social media outlets.

  5. Networking & Coffee Break

Session VII: The Future of Digital Print – How Technology and Chemistry are Improving Digital Print for Textiles

This session will highlight emerging players, sustainability and how software and treatment of fabrics is changing digital print for textiles.

Moderator: Ken Bach, Business Development Manager, Aberdeen Fabrics

  1. How Software is Transforming Sportswear and Customized Manufacturing

    Traian Luca | Co-founder & CEO of Gemini CAD Systems

    Abstract Coming Soon!

  2. Pretreatment & Pigment Inkjet Ink for Textile Printing

    Eric Beyeler | Global Marketing Manager for Artistri® Digital Inks of DuPont Advanced Printing

    Due to the intrinsic nature of garment & home furnishing fabric substrates, digital ink-jet printing of aqueous pigment based inks is faced with the challenges of balancing processing speed, color vibrancy, print durability while maintaining the desired fabric feel. The use of pre-treatments helps overcome these challenges but also introduces new dimensions including pretreatment composition, method of application, staining and hand feel impact. The presentation will show how with combining knowledge in chemistry and digital printing, one can optimize both the color, durability and hand feel of digitally printed fabrics.

  3. Networking Lunch

Session VIII: Recycling Textiles, Sustainability and the Circular Economy

Not knowing where to take your leftover textiles is a frustration point for many companies. Where can those extra textiles go to be reused or recycled? This session will address the several ways and options that companies have to get rid of their excess textiles without hurting the environment.

Moderator: David Brewer, Chief Technology Officer, Image Options

  1. Recycled Fabrics and Textile Waste

    Jessica Schreiber | Founder & CEO of FABSCRAP

    Abstract to come!

  2. Innovation to fast track the textile industry to a circular future

    Cyndi Rhoades | Founder of Worn Again

    Efforts to reduce waste and shift towards a circular textiles industry are becoming more mainstream and target driven. More and more brands and retailers are committing to ambitious circularity goals, including sourcing of recycled materials and take back schemes. We’ll explore some of the current barriers and opportunities for new technologies and innovations to pave the way as well as what brands, supply chains, end of use collector/sorters and policy makers can do to accelerate the change. 

  3. Panel: Sustainability – Reducing the Carbon Footprint

    Additional Panelist to Come!

    This panel will address some of the innovative products and processes that companies are doing to reduce the carbon footprint. The reduction of raw waste and energy can greatly help to reduce the carbon footprint across the textiles industry. The panelists will give insights into what their companies are doing to specifically reduce their own carbon footprint and how other companies can adopt innovative processes to do the same.

    Panelist Include:

    • Jessica Schreiber, CEO, FABSCRAP
    • more to come!
  4. Networking Break

Session IX: Innovations in Textiles and Color Management -

This session will address automation, design, technology advancements and more.

  1. Presentation To Be Confirmed

  2. Design and Automation

    Liz Logue | VP Customer/Brand Engagement and Strategy, Inkjet of EFI, US

    Abstract Coming Soon!

  3. Title to be Confirmed

    Scott Aitken | Managing Director of SPGPrints

    Abstract to Come!

  4. Closing Remarks and Farewell Advisory Board