2017 Agenda

Smithers Pira is pleased to announce the 2017 Digital Print for Packaging US agenda.

With a successful track record of event growth and an audience that spans the industry, Digital Print for Packaging US, creates brand opportunity through digital print innovation. Bringing brand owners, print equipment suppliers, converters, and packaging designers together to discuss the latest challenges and successes in the industry, the 2-day program will focus on:

  • Market Outlook for Digital Print for Packaging
  • Overcoming the Challenges
  • Digital Print in Action
  • Brand Owner requirements
  • Current and Next Generation Technology Breakthroughs
  • Future Outlook for Digital Print

Monday, June 5, Pre-Conference Tour

Registration and Check In

  1. Registration and Check In

  2. Depart from the Courtyard Marriott Decatur

  3. Arrive at the HP Graphics Experience Center-- Welcome Drinks

  4. Tour of the Experience Center

  5. Q&A, Drinks and Networking

  6. Depart to return to the Courtyard Marriott Decatur

Tuesday, June 6

Conference Registration & Exhibition Hall Open

  1. Conference Registration & Exhibition Hall Open

  2. Opening Remarks from the Conference Organizers

Market Outlook for Digital Print for Packaging

Session chair: Sean Smyth, Smithers Pira

  1. Future Outlook for Digital Printing in Packaging Applications

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

    • Key technology trends
    • Digital outlook by packaging type
    • Future market drivers from brands and retailers
    • Optimal future environments for digital to thrive
  2. Technology Update for Digital Print in Packaging

    Debbie Thorp | Business Development Director of Global Inkjet Systems

    • Reliability and image quality techniques in single pass inkjet
    • Latest developments in printing onto shapes
    • Adding functionality into packaging - 3D and printed electronics
  3. Networking Refreshment Break

The Brand Imperative

Session Chair: Tom Cooper, R&D Manager, Digital Printing, WestRock

  1. Panel Debate: Why, When and How Digital Print provides solutions for Brands

    WestRock, PepsiCo, ConAgra Foods

    During the panel discussion, panelists will discuss what digital print means to them and share their perspectives on these key questions and more:

    • Current requirements and capabilities – where are the gaps?

    • Wish-list and dream scenarios for brands

    • Business models that work for the new packaging value chain

    Led by Tom Cooper, R&D Manager Digital Printing, WestRock

    Panelists include:

    • David France, Packaging Research Fellow, ConAgra Foods
    • Todd Fayne, Manager, Global Packaging Laboratory, PepsiCo
  2. Beyond what’s possible: taking digital print into new realms for pack printing and promotion

    Fran Biderman-Gross | CEO and President of Advantages

    • Disrupting traditional execution
    • Enabling fast and effective failure (and therefore success) through A/B testing
    • Case studies and examples -award winning digital in POS applications
  3. Designing for Digital

    Chris Knecht | Commercial Lead and Product Development Manager of Georgia-Pacific Corrugated

  4. Networking Lunch

The Brand Imperative Part II

Session Chair: David France, Packaging Research Fellow, ConAgra Foods

  1. Real-time Customization & Personalization at the point of consumer engagement

    Chuck Pemble, VP Business Development, N. America, Datalase and Neil Darin, Senior Program Manager, Global Innovation, Havi Global Solutions

    • Trends and dynamics in marketplace
    • Opportunity for brand owners
    • What drivers are leading brand owners to explore one to on marketing with consumers.
    • How POS expands engagement with consumers.
    • Connecting the virtual world with the physical
    • Technology platform today and how it fits into the market.
    • Solutions today and in the future.
  2. Packaging Identity & Interactivity

    Bob Taylor | Senior Software Architect of HP

    Why giving every product a unique identity is key now for addressing the $600B counterfeit problem and product diversion, and to position print for the coming consumer Augmented Reality megatrend.

  3. The Merging Moments of Truth

    Aaron Mallory, Account Executive – Brand Management Solutions, ESKO & Terry Milano, Director – Channel Development, N.A., ESKO

    Digital/social media is a huge disrupter for packaging; introducing a new, “zero” moment of truth for brands and their consumers.  This session will educate how to manage this challenge.

  4. How Brands & Print Manufacturers Win Today

    Mark Abramson | CEO of PrintForm

    Today's brands are faced with competition from many new ventures and even existential threats. Mark will teach you how to leverage the infastructure you already own with strategically chosen new technology to compose new and unique offers in the marketplace.

  5. Networking Break

Technology Advances Part I

Session Chair:  Robert Seay, Director of Digital Business Ventures, Georgia-Pacific

  1. Enabling Packaging Applications with Inkjet Technology

    Gianluigi Rankin | Director of Product Marketing of Memjet US Services, Inc.

    Digital printing of corrugated packaging is currently a hot topic. A number of established players are offering solutions for high volume preprint as well as post print. But there is also a need for equipment to fit the specific requirements of smaller packaging providers. This is where Memjet fulfills an important role as a provider of digital print technology to OEMs. OEMs are using technology from Memjet to bring specialty printing products for packaging applications to market. Anything from retrofit solutions, to extend the life of current analog label printers and ease the entry for many label print shops into a digital world, up to inhouse printers for printing of customized paper bags, corrugated boards, die-cut sheets and RSCs. The presentation will highlight the Memjet technology and cover some customer case studies.

  2. Understanding and leveraging single and multi-pass digital ink jet technology

    G. Scott Wood | Senior Product Manager, Inkjet Solutions of EFI

    • The recent history of ink jet technology, the advance from multi to single pass
    • How current multi pass technology has reached into the corrugated space and where it will go next
    • How recent technology has enabled digital to reach into high-speed corrugated printing; single-pass inkjet and the benefits explained
    • What opportunities and advantages digital provides in the corrugated space - relevancy, cost savings (print size), etc.
    • What it means to print buyers - fast response, convenience, etc.
  3. Return on Investment

    Martin Van Waeyenberge | Business Consultant Digital Printing Corrugated of Bobst

    • Modelling a return on investment case for digital print
    • Collaborating across the value chain
    • Achieving the numbers
  4. Networking Break

  5. Primers/Coatings Flexible Packaging Applications

    D. Robert Hammond | Technical Sales Director of Mica Corporation

    This presentation will discuss the performance issues related to digital printing for Flexible Packaging. The criteria for packaging used in the Flexible Packaging industry are quite different than those used in Labels, Signage and Corrugated applications. I will discuss the differences and the difficulty of water-based systems working with Digital Print applications

  6. Opening Networking Reception

Wednesday, June 7

Conference Registration & Exhibition Hall Open

  1. Conference Registration & Exhibition Hall Open

Digital Print in Action: Converter Case Studies

Session Chair:  Liz Logue, Senior Director, Corporate Business Development, EFI

  1. Opening Remarks from the Conference Chair

  2. Folding Cartons: Digital Printing for Mass Market Products and Packaging

    Don Allred, WW Marketing Director, Enterprise Inkjet Solutions, Kodak and Ed Zumbiel, Zumbiel Packaging

    Brands have been experimenting with various digital print capabilities to understand and explore the market potential, and demonstrating added value.  However, as these brands attempt to move up to mass production, issues related to production throughput and higher cost of print have created hurdles that have been difficult to overcome.  Mr. Allred will review Kodak technology and how the Prosper Technology is minimizing these issues.  Mr. Zumbiel will share his vision and use of digital technology for mass markets, along with samples and concepts for folding carton applications.

  3. Case Study: Corrugated Applications: 2016 packagePRINTING Excellence Award

    Scott Anderson | Barberan Jet Master Lead of Bennett Packaging

    • The appeal of digital
    • The reality of digital
    • Key learnings
    • Next steps
  4. Case Study: Digital Label Printing

    Raymond Dickinson, Mark Andy and Ryan Reding, Plant Manager, WS Packaging

    This session will review digital UV inkjet hybrid technology for pressure sensitive label production, provide a detailed business case including real operations metrics, and discuss the benefits to justify investment. An additional focus will be to cover the merits of in-line versus near-line or offline converting options.

  5. Networking Refreshment Break

  6. Use Case: Custom Cans for Craft Beers

    Marvin Foreman | Sales Manager of Tonejet Limited

  7. Folding Carton Case Study

    Brent Moncrief, FujiFilm and Todd Meissner, President, Color Ink, Inc.

    Brent Moncrief, FujiFilm and Todd Meissner, President, Color Ink, Inc.

  8. Corrugated Case Study

    Dave Joseph, Segment Marketing Manager, HP and Brett Kirkpatrick, Chief Operating Officer, Bay Cities

    Dave Joseph, Segment Marketing Manager, HP and Brett Kirkpatrick, Chief Operating Officer, Bay Cities

  9. Innovation Wins in Packaging

    Oana Manolache, AMS Labels and Packaging Marketing Manager, HP and Rob Daniels, President, QTL

    Oana Manolache - AMS Labels and Packaging Marketing Manager, HP

    Rob Daniels - President, QTL

  10. Panel Discussion: The New Packaging Value Chain

    WestRock, HP, Clariant, Phototype and PrintPack

    • How does digital print disrupt the packaging value chain
    • What needs to change for it to be successful
    • Driving and achieving the change

    Led by Tom Cooper, R&D Manager, Digital Printing, WestRock

    Panelists include:

    • Steve Shannon, HP
    • Will Dowden, Clariant
    • Scott Gilbert, Phototype
    • Karen English, Market Development Manager, PrintPack
  11. Networking Lunch

Technology Advances Part 2

Session Chair: Ford Bowers, President, SGIA

  1. Guiding CPGs and Printers into the new Digital Frontier

    Scott Gilbert | Director of Innovation and Commercialization of Phototype

    This informative session will cover the critical steps and ideation process for both CPGs and printers entering the digital packaging arena. How, When and What will be covered. Crawl-Walk-Run or just Dive in? From Idea to Execution...

  2. PDF for Packaging- The Missing Link

    David Zwang | Principal of Zwang & Company

    As we continue to look for ways to increase flexibility and reduce time to market, the evolution and transition to digital print is showing promise. However, managing the process of getting the final design to print has still not caught up. Approvals, prepress, print and converting are still following the vendor specific process flows, limiting file exchange across multiple production vendors.

  3. Color Management – Lessons Learned

    Ray Weiss | Digital Imaging Specialist of SGIA

  4. Future Technology Potential for Digital Print Panel

    Smithers Pira, EFI, SGIA, HP and FujiFilm Dimatix

    • Technology promise and technology reality – summarizing the digital journey so far and forecasting what comes next
    • What will tomorrow’s converter need from digital
    • Technology battleground and technology winners and losers

    Led by: Sean Smyth, Consultant, Smithers Pira

    Panelists include:

    • G. Scott Wood, Senior Product Manager, EFI
    • Ray Weiss, SGIA
    • James Gill, FujiFilm Dimatix
    • Steve Shannon, HP
  5. Closing remarks and close of conference

  6. Closing Networking Break