2016 Agenda

Pre-Conference Workshop

Monday 5 December

  1. Registration

  2. Digital in Packaging: Adopting of digital print into packaging

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

    The most recent drupa has been christened the "Inkjet Drupa." "Digital Packaging Drupa" or more specifically "Inkjet Corrugated Drupa." The maturing of toner and inkjet technology is opening new applications and packaging is firmly on the agenda.

    This introduction to digital in packaging will focus on:             

    Packaging - what it is, why it is important.  Primary, secondary & tertiary.
    Applications - food, pharma, cosmetics, tobacco, household, general, electronics.  Specific requirements for different sectors. Packaging supply chains, pain points and pressures.  Changing drivers for packaging.

    Market data - penetration of digital into corrugated, cartons, flexible, direct-to-rigids, metal decorating as well as labels.  It is much more than prototyping.
    Key technology developments

    HP Indigo products and eco-system - e.g. PackReady
    Xeikon packaging suites - impact of Flint ownership
    Inkjet Heads (piezo vs  thermal vs continuous)
    Inks (water-based v UV [& EB],water based UV and 2-part systems)
    Substrate - surface characteristics and treatments.  Strategies to solve issues!
    Front end and workflow

    Key equipment manufacturers, narrow web, webfed, sheetfed, print-in-the-round, custom systems.  Inkjet integrated into conversion systems.
    Key issue - how does digital fit into the packaging infrastructure, what is needed to make a useful system.
    Future prospects

  3. Networking break

  4. Continued - Digital in Packaging: Adopting of digital print into packaging

  5. End of workshop

Day One

Tuesday 6 December

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

    Jan De Roeck | Director Solutions Management of Esko, Belgium

  3. Market overview after Drupa

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

Session 1 Brand Owners - Case Studies

  1. Brandowner targets for digital print

    Jan Duffhues | Print Development Manager of Mars Europe, The Netherland

  2. Digital printing for food packaging: Opportunities and challenges

    Alvise Cavallari | Head of Corporate Digital Printing Initiative of Nestlé, Switzerland

    An overview of how we see digital printing today: where are its main benefits and which are its major limitations from a global standpoint, both technical and business-wise

  3. Digital printing to improve flexibility in supply chain

    Jakub Czmoch | Procurement Local Category Leader - Flexibles ,Tins, Corrugates, Sundries of R. Twinings and Company Sp. z o.o., Poland

    • How digital print will help to reduce write offs
    • Quick switches between designs
    • Personalisation effect on designs
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

  5. Panel Discussion

    Featuring Unilever, Mars, Nestlé, Twinings and Smithers Pira

    • What do you want your packaging to do in the future?
    • What are the benefits to brands for the use of digital printing?
    • What are the barriers of digital printing and how to overcome it?

    Panel lead: Jan De Roeck, Director Solutions Management, Esko, Belgium

    Panellist includes:

    • Sean Smyth, Print Consultant Smithers Pira, UK
    • Daniels Matthew, Global Packaging Capability Leader – Printing & Decoration, Unilever, UK
    • Jan Duffhues, Print Development Manager, Mars Europe, Netherlands
    • Alvise Cavallari, Manager Corporate Digital Printing, Nestlé, Switzerland
    • Jakub Czmoch,Procurement Local Category Leader - Flexibles ,Tins, Corrugates, Sundries, R. Twinings and Company Sp. z o.o., Poland

Session 2 Corrugated Printing

  1. Update on analogue - digital transformation in corrugated (pre- and post-print)

    Jan Wölfle, EMEA Strategic Accounts Packaging of HP, EMEA and Henrik Jensen, Managing Director & Rainer Wilke, Managing Director of Christiansen Print GmbH, Germany

    • Corrugated analogue printing & packaging is growing anyway as per GDP (source: Fefo.org).
    • Why should I as Brand & Converter start transformation to more flexible, shorter run, no inventory digital printing of high-volume corrugated packaging?
    • Benefits of digital Pre-Print Corrugated (Transformation) and complementary digital Post-Print
    • Why did we choose the unique HP Thermal Inkjet and vertically integrated HP Graphics & IT technology as key partner for this transformation?
  2. Corrugated packaging goes digital

    Liz Logue | Senior Director Corporate Business Development of EFI, US

    • Digital printing technology background and development
    • Market factors for digital adoption
    • Predicting growth
  3. Times are changing! Discover the new way to do business in corrugated by the hand of Barberán high speed digital printers

    Eladio Lerga, Digital Project Manager Engineer of Barberán S.A., Spain and Eric Bacourt, CEO of Rafael Hinojosa S.A., Spain

    • Digital printing, cost savings, flexibility and reliability
    • How all the Single-pass Jetmaster Series digital printers’ benefits for the corrugated market
  4. Networking Lunch

    Lunch break with thought leader discussion roundtable hosted by LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

Session 3 What technology is right for my application?

  1. Innovation in inline digital printing & impact on brand and consumer value

    Mark Naples | VP Business Development Europe and Asia Pacific of DataLase Ltd., UK

    • Development of digital printing on a global basis and key trends (referring to Smithers’ data)
    • Introduction of the concept of Inline Digital Printing and its unique value proposition
    • Water brand case study to explore the key benefits of the unique technology and extrapolate the consumer and brand benefits of adoption of late stage customisation of products and packaging through digital printing techniques
  2. High quality inkjet printing for folding carton production

    Mark Stephenson | Product Manager – Digital Printing and Press Systems of Fujifilm Graphic Systems EMEA, UK

    • The Holy Trinity of ink, heads and image processing
    •  How this inkjet printing trinity adds new value to the folding carton offer
    • Getting Brands on Board
  3. Networking Refreshments Break

  4. Impactful benefits for printed packaging with digital print technologies and hybrid solutions variable and versioned printing for the mass markets

    Donald Allred | WW Sales & Marketing Innovative Solutions, Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division of Kodak, US

    • Brand Owners are demand packaging solutions with unique benefits and customer impact.
    • Strategies may include bar codes, QR codes, printing shorter run versions, and promotional campaigns.
    • Packaging substrates continue to grow beyond traditional paper labels for digital solutions and now include folding cartons, corrugated cardboard and flexible films. 
    • Kodak will share thoughts on how digital inkjet and hybrid solutions successfully enable these exciting benefits. 
  5. Digital printing for folding cartons: what new opportunities for brand owners?

    Claire Virazels | Marketing Manager Production Colour & Packaging Technology of Xerox Europe

    • The printing of packaging is developing towards digital with more flexibility, faster time to market and unique opportunities to communicate with customers and consumers. In the frontline of the development is the worldwide known printing expert Xerox.
    • Through the examples of several successful cartons converters, they will show the new possibilities with authentic customer cases and what’s waiting around the corner.
  6. Chair’s Conference Summary and Closing Remarks

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

  7. Networking Drinks Reception sponsored by Tonejet Ltd.

    5.30-7.00 pm Networking Drinks Reception sponsored by Tonejet Ltd.

Day Two

Wednesday 7 December

  1. Registration and Welcome Refreshments

  2. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

Session 4 Direct to Shape

  1. Late stage customisation: zero lead time, zero material waste and product personalisation

    Dr. Peter Schkoda | Head of Sales FMCG of Hapa AG, Switzerland

    • Late stage customisation, line agility and flexibility as well as process efficiency and low material wastage for cost-effective low-order quantities, micro-batches, seasonal and personalised products
    • 3 applications: beverage closures, laminated tubes, and print-and-apply labels
    • Hapa’s in-line, digital printing systems - combining small footprints with ease of operation-ideal for a late stage customisation
  2. New print heads and developments in direct-to-shape

    Richard Darling | Director of Business Development of Xaar, UK

    • Determinants of image quality specific to direct-to-shape printing
    • Considerations for jetting on to containers in vertical and horizontal orientations
    • How long can a piezo-electric print head be expected to last and why
    • What triggers viability for inkjet direct-to-shape
    • What are the real obstacles and challenges remaining
  3. Digital printing on cylindrical objects

    Mauro Castelli | Digital Printing Manager of Martinenghi S.r.l., Italy

    • Current Description of production and decorating process (plastic and metal)
    • Short description new digital process operation with reference to our printing machine (Michelangelo)
    • Digital vs. traditional benefits
    • Future applications
  4. Networking Refreshments Break

Session 5 How digital fits into packaging supply chain

  1. Short run digital print delivered tomorrow: how do you make time for quality assurance?

    Jan De Roeck | Director Solutions Management of Esko, Belgium

    • Best practices for quality checking in automated prepress workflows for digital print
    • Methods to avoid costly prepress errors as early as possible in a digital print workflow
    • How to get the most out of pre-flight technology for digital packaging print jobs
    • Assuring accuracy of braille and barcodes in a digital print context
    • How to get the most out of your inline inspection systems
  2. Textures by Domino – printing labels with the third dimension

    Dr. Vlad Sljapic | Director – Europe of Domino Digital Printing Solutions, UK

    From champagne to shampoo, product packaging communicates the essence of the brand and is directly influencing sales

    • Textures by Domino is a unique printing method that creates the textured layer on the paper or synthetic material with Domino N610i ink jet digital printing press
    • The ink is printed in a proposed pattern to create the desired three-dimensional textured effect
    • By being able to print the texture, costs of stoking and changeover of various textured paper and film during printing process is eliminated
  3. Networking Lunch

  4. Developing paperboards with a network of digital experts

    Lauri Järvinen | Technical Marketing Manager of Metsä Board, Finland

    The concept of ‘digitality’

    • Today, digitality is challenging the whole packaging value chain from design to box making. It is essential to develop an overall process to digital packaging utilising the best know-how of different parties.
    • As the digital techniques rise, Metsä Board company is continuing the development of the paperboard printing surface with a value network of digital experts.
    • In corrugated packaging, the growth is expected to be vast especially in digital inkjet technology. In carton packaging, the main technology is electrophotography with either dry or liquid toner but also digital inkjet is presumed to grow once the quality expectations are fulfilled. For these development reasons, a lot of paperboard testing will be needed also in the future with different digital printing presses.
    • As a case study, Metsä Board introduces the ‘Elevated drink box’ (EDB), patented by the company. This new kind of ‘beverage in box’ solution was created digitally combining the expertise from six leading companies: Metsä Board, Bobst, Henkel, Kodak, Marbach and Knauer.
  5. The-ization potential in digital packaging

    Geert Fransen | Product Manager of CHILI Publish, Belgium

    • The marketing game has changed as the digital evolution spanned out. The growing importance of big data and how to use that info, combined with the –ization trend, will revolutionize the printer/customer communication.
    • A lack of insight into the tech aspect of  –ization efforts has generated a fascinating yet “not-for-us” mentality. Chili-publish will strive to eradicate that thinking and provide attendees with enough technical background to start reconsidering their options in terms of digital packaging.
    • Digital packaging is so much more than just personalisation. Chili publish will illustrate how tech caught up with marketing trends for printers to use to their advantage
  6. Chair’s Conference Summary and Closing Remarks

    Sean Smyth | Print Consultant of Smithers Pira, UK

  7. End of Conference